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How does the Prague metro compare to world subways?

The new metro line D will look like from a sci-fi movie!

Karolína Lišková
09.Aug 2019
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The Olbrachtova station envisages a way of display that draws the visitor into the painting

According to our experience, the Prague Metro is one of the most modern in the world. Of course, not counting the luxury destination of Dubai, where the first section was opened in September 2009. It is so flawless, modern and luxurious that we expect the seats will even measure your vital signs! Our subway was opened in 1974. It is not large, but future expansion by line D is already being discussed. Proposals for the first stations have been drawn. They resemble scenes from a sci-fi movie or abstract paintings from the National Gallery. Our technologies may not be competitive with the Arab world, but our design surpasses it.

The artistic appearance of the Pankrác and Olbrachtova metro D stations will be designed by leading Czech artists Jakub Nepraš and Vladimír Kokolia.

Illusions at Olbrachtova station

Vladimir Kokolia's design for the Olbrachtova station envisages a way of display that draws the visitor into the painting and creates the illusion of spatial representation.

“The situation of waiting for the arrival of the train, when the passenger is staring blankly at the wall or the pavement, became the key for me. I went for a method of auto-stereoscopic imaging, which I sometimes use in my free creation when I really want to pull the spectator “into the picture”. In practice, such an image looks only like a tread pattern, a »roller on the wall«. But if you look at it in a certain way, its surface texture will begin to appear as a spatial image.”

For those with weaker stomachs, who feel unwell looking at such imagines, traveling on the D-line might turn into a nightmare.

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Nanočástice by měly cestujícího vtáhnout do obrazu.
Nanočástice by měly cestujícího vtáhnout do obrazu. Source: Jakub Nepraš

Evolution at Pankrác

Jakub Nepraš prepared an artistic depiction of the Pankrác station with an allegorical dimension.

"I worked with the allegorical dimension of evolution, modern technologies and inventions, drawing inspiration from the nanoparticles that make up human beings and everything that surrounds us in a cohesive superorganism,"

said the artist about the animation that will be changing along with the time of day. In the evening, the colors will get warmer and the animation will slow down for the sake of better sleep. When the train arrives, the station will light up and become more active. So if you have troubles falling asleep, go to the subway!

Our metro is relatively new, clean and also cheap compared to the rest of the world. And where does it stand in comparison with other cities? Actually, it's doing quite well!

New York

In New York, the first underground line was opened in 1904 - a four-track line in the length of 15 km. Today it is one of the most widespread subway networks in the world, with 468 stations on 26 routes. It transports over 6 million people a day. The New York Underground Railway is one of the few systems that serve passengers around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And it shows on the everpresent stench, garbage and dirt. At night, you'll often see a chunky rat running under your feet.


Toronto opened its subway in 1954. Even though it serves a humungous city, it has only four lines. The system works well, but since it is used by an extremely large number of people, it doesn't smell nice. And what do we find most puzzling? In North America, people tend to be pretty obese, but everything is very small on the subway. From staircases to seats.


The London Subway is the oldest underground railway in the world. The first train passed through the tunnels on January 10, 1863. At present it is comprised of 292 stations and more than 408 km of track. The subway is the fastest way to get around in London. But as soon as you open the subway map, you'll get a panic attack. Figuring out what's what in the mess of colors and curved lines without getting lost is a task for a magician. The subway serves more than a billion passengers a year! And again, the smell!

Even though you sometimes feel like some Czechs have yet to learn to use the shower and deodorant when riding the morning subway train, we have nothing to complain about! You can trust us, it's so much worse abroads! The science-fiction metro stations are a win.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10

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