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Masks, yes or no? And where? Health minister Adam Vojtěch overturned it again!

New mask rules! This is what Morávková, Machálková or Vémola's girlfriend think about the mandate

Martina Šmalclová
20.Aug 2020
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Herečka Dana Morávková

New rules for masks

On September 1 comes what some may have feared and what others have called for - the widespread use of masks. However, making sense of the regulations of the Ministry of Health is not easy. What is decided one day, is no longer valid the next! We therefore bring you an up-to-date overview of the new rules. In addition, we also found out how Czech celebrities look at the masks and what they think about the regulations.

Vojtěch overturned it again

With the arrival of September comes the obligation to put the masks back on, not only in public transport, but also in selected interior spaces. Specifically, in social and medical facilities, offices, public authority offices or polling stations. Until a few hours ago, it was true that from September 1, masks should be worn, for example, in shopping malls, restaurants or schools too. The Ministry of Health even issued a manual for schools, which was criticized not only by part of the public, but also by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš.

"I use common sense, and a lot of things don't make sense to me." "When I saw the endless list of exceptions that I don't quite understand, we simply have to talk about it more."

Luxusní byt Staré město - Praha 1 - 118m
Luxusní byt Staré město - Praha 1 - 118m, Praha 1

Masks only with the flash of orange

And his words seem to have fallen on fertile ground. The Minister of Health turned it around again and stated that it would not be necessary to wear masks in services such as hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, in shops, restaurants, fitness centers, indoor swimming pools or in schools. The obligation to wear them in these places will only arise when coronavirus spreads in one of the regions and it is marked in orange in the warning system.

This is what celebrities think

Masks are a touchy and highly debated subject. LP-Life magazine was therefore interested in how celebrities view the return of masks. Some celebrities were quick with their words, such as model Nikol Švantnerová.

"I think it's rushed and won't help minimize the spread. I don't like to wear masks myself, especially in the warmer months. Even the regulations that say to wear them in hallways, but not in class, it seems a little all over the place. I'm not excited about the regulations, but I respect them and I just hope that nothing else is in store for us. "

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Modelka Nikol Švantnerová
Modelka Nikol ŠvantnerováSource:

Actress Dana Morávková also has a similar look on the situation, and thinks masks are appropriate in medical facilities, homes for the elderly, etc., but at the same time it is necessary to maintain common sense.

"Personally, I am inclined to the views of prof. Žaloudík. I am always pleased to hear professional opinion combined with common sense, medical experience and a kind human approach. "

(Editor's note: ČSSD senator and medical doctor Jan Žaloudík is a vocal critic of the return of masks).

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Herečka Dana Morávková
Herečka Dana MorávkováSource:

Singer Leona Machálková does not welcome masks with enthusiasm either. But she will respect the decision, of course, and in the past she sewed masks for family and friends herself.

"I am not qualified to assess their necessity, but it's clear to me that these measures will arouse great anxiety and fear in people again, which is certainly not good not only for my profession. 'I firmly believe that there will be no second wave."

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Leona Machálková u šicího stroje s rouškami
Leona Machálková u šicího stroje s rouškamiSource:

On the other hand, actress and Star Dance winner Veronika Khek Kubařová or Carlos Vémola's girlfriend Lela Ceterová see a lot of sense in wearing masks.

"It seems logical and understandable to me personally. I don't like the masks too much myself, but if the situation is still developing and we don't have a better solution to it yet, I understand it as a small concession from my own comfort, for the benefit of the whole society, "

Veronika Khek Kubařová told LP-Life.

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Veronika Khek Kubařová a Dominik Vodičkami
Veronika Khek Kubařová a Dominik VodičkamiSource:

"Having masks in the summer is a pure disaster, because it really is hard to breathe. It's so restrictive, and not all of us are excited. But when it comes to prevention and health, and we want to have some certainty, everyone will definitely wear the mask, "

Lela Ceterová thinks.

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Karlos Vémola a Lela Ceterová
Karlos Vémola a Lela CeterováSource:

And what's your opinion on the masks and the new regulations?

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