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The popular XF model comes with a lot of changes.

The new Jaguar XF tempts with its captivating design and lots of features

Kateřina Ostrejšová
13.Oct 2020
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Nový model vozu Jaguar XF

The new Jaguar XF model is characterized above all by its sharp appearance and excellent handling. A lot of changes will be introduced next year that should put some wind in the sails of this aging cougar. Among the things we can look forward to are revamped bumpers or headlights and running lights made in the form of a double letter “J”. But the most fundamental innovations are hidden inside the car.

Touch interior

The luxurious interior of the car is very bold and focused on driver comfort. The quilted gear shift knob evokes a cricket ball, and right above it, you'll find the jewel of the interior - a curved 11.4" touch screen, which extends all the way to the dashboard and is controlled by the Pivi Pro system. If your phone battery dies, you won't need to panic, because the new Jaguar is ready for anything. A cordless cell phone charger is a must for next year, as is a phone signal amplifier.

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Interiér vozu Jaguar XF.
Interiér vozu Jaguar XF. Source:

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Automobil Jaguar v ulici.
Automobil Jaguar v ulici. Source:

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Detail vozu Jaguar zepředu.
Detail vozu Jaguar zepředu. Source:

“The Jaguar XF features a new exterior design which delivers a more assertive and assured presence while the all-new interior is more luxurious, tactile and demonstrates an exceptional level of craftmanship. The inside of the XF seamlessly integrates advanced technologies and is simply a beautiful place to be,”

said Julian Thomson, Jaguar's design director.

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Nové technologie v interiéru Jaguara XF.
Nové technologie v interiéru Jaguara XF. Source:

Perfect comfort is ensured by massage functions and generous space

The car aims to make long journeys more pleasant, especially with the generous space it offers. New front seats feature wider cushioning, new optional massage functions and enhanced coverage of the heated and cooling areas - the last detail needed to achieve perfect comfort.

The front seats can be electrically adjusted in up to 16 directions. Thanks to the memory function, you will no longer have to set your favorite driving position over and over again. The headrests can be adjusted in 2 directions and are adorned by a logo of a feline in mid-jump, which highlights the brand’s heritage.

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Sedačky s logem.
Sedačky s logem. Source:

From zero to one hundred in 7.6 seconds

Speed matters! Especially when it comes to cars. The new Jaguar XF will be powered by four cylinders with an eight-speed automatic rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The diesel engine with MHEV technology boasts 204 horsepower, which ensure that the sedan can accelerate from zero to 100km/hin 7.6 seconds. Consumption is around 4,9l/100 km.

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Vůz Jaguar XF.
Vůz Jaguar XF. Source:

Safety first

Design innovations are always a pleasant change, but what we really want from a new car is safety. Thus, combining design and security = win win. If this is the first you're hearing of Active Road Noise Cancellation, be sure to pay attention! This handy mode monitors vibrations from the road surface and calculates the sound wave needed to remove the noise perceived by passengers. This increases comfort and reduces the driver's fatigue. Greater safety is also ensured by the ClearSight interior rear-view mirror, which uses a rear wide-angle camera that transmits to the display an image undisturbed by elements such as low light or raindrops on the rear window.

A new Jaguar technology - 3D Surround Camera - will monitor the situation on the road in great detail, enabling you to maneuver the car comfortably.

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Bílý model vozidla.
Bílý model vozidla. Source:

Choose your model

Jaguar has prepared specification packs for their customers: S, SE and HSE. Do you have any special requests? No problem! The Black Exterior Pack is available on all versions on request. It includes Gloss Black framing of the front grille, window surrounds, side vents and the rear lower spoiler. Exterior accessories, such as a black Jaguar logo, fine-tune the car's attractive style.

The company has not yet announced the exact date when the car will be launched on the market. The price of the Jaguar XF will be around 1.6 million crowns.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

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