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About breakup, fan reactions, and their tips for a new start

New girlfriend of Jaromír Jágr: This is what fans think!

Nela Štefanová
30.Jun 2019
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The relationship between Jaromír Jágr and Veronika Kopřivová was officially ended. The hockey star has publicly confirmed this life event a few days ago, adding that the pair has not been together for a longer time. Whatever the reason for their breakup, on their social networks, their statement caused a huge avalanche of reactions. It seems that the fans of Jaromír did not love Veronika from the beginning of their dating and they started to congratulate him for a break. So we went to the streets to find out who you would like to see alongside the hockey master.

With Veronika Kopřivová
With Veronika Kopřivová
Jaromár Jágr has many fans

“If you want to judge others, start with yourself first. If you want to criticize others, start with yourself first. If you want to praise the others, start NOW and NEVER STOP. Today I announced that I and VERONIKA have not been a couple for a long time. Yes, I'm sorry, but what made me more sorry is how Veronika was wrongfully criticized by some people for most of the relationship. We didn't make it, but I honestly have to say - THANK YOU, you were GREAT,“

this was Jaromír Jágr's official statement about his break up on Facebook.

And the reactions of the followers?

"Jarda, which barbie girl will be next?” You're probably incorrigible! I understand that people like you choose according to beauty to dazzle their surroundings, but engage the brain - they are not for life...“

one of his fans did not hesitate to comment on Jaromir's status.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

"So money probably ran out, right? Jarda, please find yourself a normal woman!”

You could find such feedback on Facebook.

So who?

They say "the voice of the people, the voice of God," and so we went out among the people and wondered who you would like to see alongside Jaromír.

"Some sportswoman. That would be young, beautiful, and would understand him, ”

one of the visitors to the Karlovy Vary festival answered the question.

"Nikol Ponerová has just arrived at the film festival, so if Jára met her, maybe this could be a nice connection,”

a festival visitor gave his opinion.

"This Veronika wasn't too good for him. So I don't want to judge them - they got together and broke up again. But I think he should find an older lady, “

there was one answer during our survey. A frequent answer was also that our ice-hockey leader should find a girl similar to his mother or especially a predominantly older woman who is not just after his property.

What do celebrities say?

Nikol Švantnerová would wish him "an ordinary woman," Hanka Vagnerová was more general than her:

"Well, I rather wish him to fall in love with someone and find true love, whoever it is,”

she told Luxury Prague Life.

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