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This American artist came to the Czech Republic not by chance, but thanks to her exceptional artistic talent. She was granted the Fulbright Scholarship and the Czech Republic became her home away from home in 1999. And she continues to successfully develop her creative potential.

A new form of glass presented by the superb Karen LaMonte at Portheimka (until 4 November 2018)

Mgr. Jana Höger
17.Aug 2018
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Glass in an unusual form at the Museum of Glass in Smíchov 

Deluxe glass captivated her attention as a material thanks to its fragility and plasticity, and also thanks to the special techniques used to work with it. Her designs become reality as a result. She chose the apt name – Clothed in light – for her deluxe exhibition at Portheimka. The initial mythical idea of a crystal dress took form under the hands of master glassmakers and the technological procedures developed by Libenský and Brychtová - melting glass in a mould, resulted in the successful creation of a deluxe collection of statues.

The perfection and fragile beauty of glass

Glass as such does not always have to be a matter of utility. Karen fell in love with glass and elevated it into a sculptural material. She has transformed it into a new entity. Her statues are fascinating for their dream-like appearance with a trace of metaphoric expression that titillates the viewer’s imagination. The glass has a matt appearance and realistically reflects abundantly and luxuriously gathered fabrics. So that we only sense the muscles and human body underneath the transparent dress, with the lines of the body created by the way the fabric clings. We are subsequently given the impression of an ethereal being, which is something between spirit and body. A deluxe phenomenon created by artistic work with glass.

Femininity, intimacy, but not feminism

These are the questions imprinted on a series of mirrors with feminine shapes. And it is WOMAN that is the ancient topic of all human civilisations, let alone in the Czech Republic where the female figure – Venus - was one of the oldest works of art to be discovered.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Would you like a kimono?

Karen LaMonte will not be wearing a kimono, but you will still be able to feel the spirit of Japan. This skilful artist has transformed this traditional item of clothing into a ceramic stand-alone piece. These ceramic sculptures are inspired by the idea of wabi-sabi, imperfect beauty,

transient and fleeting. These sculptures were created by gluing cracked ceramic parts using the ancient Kinstugi technique – the art of gold repairs.

You can view the exhibition until 4 November 2018 at Portheimka.

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