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The French brand of luxury perfumes EUTOPIE presented at the premises of French Embassy in Prague its new perfume No.11. The scent is of divine lilac and brings the smell of spring.

New EUTOPIE Perfume is Inspired by Prague! The Face is Aňa Geislerová.

Martina Šmalclová
25.May 2018
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Aňa Geislerová

Are we in Prague or in paradise?

The introduction of the perfume took place at the French Embassy in Prague, which is in itself a magic place. In combination with the luxurious scents of EUTOPIE its premises were transformed literally into a divine haven, complemented by top-quality catering. The guests were offered champagne or a refreshing melon drink and the offer also included typically French macaroons or savoury canapés.

Aňa arrived at the event in a fitting spring dress by H&M

The face of EUTOPIE No. 11 became actress Aňa Geislerová who accepted from the hands of Elodie Pollet, the founder and creative director of the brand, a pouch containing the latest luxury perfume. Aňa arrived to the even in a thematically fitting spring green dress by H&M from the collection Conscious Exclusive 2018. The same as that worn to the presentation of the collection a month earlier by model Renata Langmannová. It must be said that it fits by beauties equally.

Inspiration by spring in Prague, the city of a thousand spires

The exclusive EUTOPIE perfumes are created from the best of ingredients, reminding you of aromatic experiences from countries that Elodie Pollet visited. This time round she was inspired by romantic Prague, a city of a thousand spires, which is sometimes called the Venice of the West. While according to her the winter is long and cold, the coming spring is a lush, fresh breeze; with this on her mind she created the luxurious flask, full of the luxury spring essence.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

The number one for No. 11 is lilac!

EUTOPIE No. 11 encompasses the beauty of spring and reflects the feelings of its creator. The main component of the wood-floral scent is divine lilac. Perfume opens up with a flood of citrus fruit and fruit tones, which is followed by the scent of flowers - lilac, magnolia and roses. The end note of the perfume reflects sensuality, soft warmth of amber, cedar wood and musk.

If you too are interested in the scents of spring in Prague, remember to visit the EUTOPIE webpages or the boutique Egoist Royal Parfums in Prague or Karlovy Vary.

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