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The luxurious hotel network, Dream Hotels is manifestation of desire to show off and shine. Dream Hotels may be found in metropolises of countries such as the USA and Thailand. Soon, however, there are more to be opened in the Maldives, India, Philippines, Qatar. It all starts with a dream...

New Dream Hotels New York and LA: Here the Dreams Become Reality!

Mgr. Jana Höger
29.Aug 2018
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Acquaint yourself with the luxury hotels of Dream chain

Identically to majority of fantasies, dreams and visions, Dream Hotels arise from a desire. The amazing lifestyle hotels are brimming with ultra-modern facilities. All that to just stun the customer. This business approach and vision was progressively implemented since 2004. Dream Hotels fall under DreamHotel Group, under the hotel brand with a rich history of real estate management, which belongs to one of the most competitive hotel specialists in the world. Under its aegis are also hotels such as Time, Chatwal and others.

Dream Hollywood in LA will easily blur the boundary between the world of fantasy and reality

We wish to introduce to you Dream Hotels with its flagship on the west coast of Los Angeles. The hotel is called Dream Hollywood. It could be described using five words: pulsing energy, charm and rebellious spirit. It is inspired by the innovative and fascinating character of the iconic Hollywood environment and its famous "Hollywood Hills." It contains 178 artistically-decorated rooms associated with the offering of lively night life and luxury gastronomy.

Dream Downtown as a Boutique Hotel in New York

It will at first glance attract you by its exclusive front façade of stainless steel inspired by ocean lines and interesting window openings. Architect Frank Fusaro really showed off this time round. The tastefully finished, matching exterior of Dream Downtown reflects the famous seagoing era of the 1960's. The 12-storey building contains 316 rooms, two restaurants, roof VIP lounges as well as an outdoor swimming pool with a glass bottom.

Prodej exkluzivního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej exkluzivního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Hotel Midtown NY as a response to traditional, tedious hotels

Hotel Dream Midtown was renewed in 1895. The building of Beaux-Arts was luxuriously refurbished, the newly done-up interiors include 221 luxury rooms and surreal dining area. If you reach the terrace at Hotel Dream Midtown, you will not want to leave. Tropical greenery, an outdoor bar, cushions and the surrounding majestic skyscrapers of Manhattan. A small oasis among all the concrete. In the vicinity there are the most famous sights of Times Square, Columbus Circle, Central Park, Broadway and more. You will certainly not be bored.

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Dream Hotels
200 West 55th St Suite 42 New York, NY 10019