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Singing birds, trees, luxurious villas and picturesque corners can be found in Prague's Bubeneč district, which thereby is an ideal place for rest and quiet living.

Nature and the History of Prague’s Bubeneč District

Eva Ledecká
20.Aug 2017
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Stará Bubeneč

Most of the built-up area of Bubeneč is located in the Prague 6 City District, but more than 50% of the cadastral area belongs to Prague 7. Bubeneč also includes Císařský Island, Stromovka, the Exhibition Grounds and the Sparta Football Stadium. 

The Ram in the sign of a picturesque “PragueVillage”

The original name of Bubeneč was Přední Ovenec, while Zadní Ovenec lay in the territory of today’s Troja. The name Bubeneč probably originated from the German confusion of the word Ovenec. On the signs in this quarter, in addition to the town walls, you can also find a ram that refers to its original name.

The centre of the former Ovenec was the location near the Church of St. Gothard, from which the paved Gotthardská Street leads to the Royal Game Reserve (Stromovka). There you will discover breathtaking corners and luxurious scenic streets. You are now in Old Bubeneč, which seems like a village that survived the pressure of the emerging and modern city. You will not find any department stores or shopping areas there. Yet there is everything that you may need for a luxurious life.

Luxusní byt Troja 107m
Luxusní byt Troja 107m, Praha 7

A village that is now a part of Prague

While between 1904 and 1921, Bubeneč was a separate village, from the 1st January 1922 it became a part of Prague.

You will find a luxurious villa area there, which was built in the second half of the 19th Century. Currently, many of the magnificent villas are the homes of Embassies. The southwestern and the west parts of this district comprise apartment buildings dating from the 1920’s.

The most extensive park in Prague and the largest Prague Island located on the Vltava River

The tranquil atmosphere of the entire area is illustrated by the beautiful large Royal Game Reserve or Stromovka and the adjacent Císařský Island on the Vltava River, through which the bridge to Troja leads to the opposite bank. Císařský Island is the largest island in Prague, which is now also the home of a new horse-riding club.

As if Bubeneč has not enough already its BESTs: Stromovka with its approx. 90 ha is the largest protected park in Prague. There are cycling routes and also paths that are suitable for in-line skaters. Children can play in the playgrounds and plenty of green areas invite you to relax, to exercise or to have a luxurious romantic picnic. The Governor’s Summer Palace, the terrace of which offers beautiful views, is also a part of the park. 

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