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What is behind the name “náplavka” (embankment)? Its definition is – the area of the bank or a road that is located at a lower level than the actual waterfront. This area is also the property of City of Prague and represents its most attractive form in terms of the panoramic view and obtaining access to the heart of the city. Almost every citizen of Prague has walked along it at least once. Was it you too?

Náplavka as a promising place of Prague

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Jul 2017
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A window to the past

The Vltava River was and still is the dominant feature of this Czech city. Since ancient times, it has been involved in modelling its form it has been a source of livelihood, of drinking water and also a traffic artery. From the mid-19th Century, luxury villas and other representative buildings started to be built along its flow, and other options for the utilisation of waterfronts and embankments also emerged. People enjoyed the unique view while they were strolling around and listening to the pleasant splash of the river waves.

The current form of the embankments

There are plenty of well-maintained embankments around the Vltava River, from the Rašínovo Waterfront via the Masarykovo Waterfront to reach the Dvořákovo Waterfront and then the Ludvík Svoboda Waterfont. This is the stretch that runs from the tip of Vyšehrad Rock near Výtoň to the entrance to Lannova Park, located in the Petrská Quarter.

The Rašínovo Waterfront

The Rašínovo Waterfront is one of the busiest waterfronts and embankments and it offers visitors a luxurious view of Hradčany. Anchored there are the Bajkazyl and Tyrš Boats and the Tajemství Boat that offers floating theatre performances, while every Saturday the farmer’s market takes place in that area. The space is fully utilised and it is also awaiting expensive reconstruction. The city has earmarked 13.5 million to invest in new benches and litterbins, galleries, cafes and toilets. The winning architectural study comes with the use of cells embedded in the waterfront wall that runs along the embankment.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

A luxurious walk along the Vltava River

Other places around the river can also offer a lot to visitors – the Hořejší Waterfront offers a luxurious view of Vyšehrad and the exceptional Railway Bridge and the peculiar feature known as the Botel Admiral, while the Masarykovo Waterfront then makes it easy to enter the Žofín Island area and the Dvořákovo Waterfront is used as a berth for passenger boats and it is also lined with representative buildings, including St. Agnes Monastery.

Every part has its magic, but they all have one common denominator – the flowing luxury of the Vltava River.

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