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In the name of luxury and glitter: the spellbinding Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 collection

Mgr. Jana Höger
12.Oct 2017
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Chanel Spring/Summer 2018

Chanel clothing and accessories with the iconic monogram: the great Karl Lagerfeld himself knows full well how to make himself and his work the absolute centre of attention. We have for you a taste of the fresh future spring vision – Chanel Spring/Summer 2018. Look forward to a luxurious and glittering season!

A fabulous and luxurious show in the Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is the venue where Chanel shows are traditionally held. The designer introduced his luxurious new collection here in a truly spectacular manner, erecting rocks several metres high and a waterfall after the fashion of Grand Canyon du Verdon in the South of France. Presentation of the collection was inspired by the fascinating rainforest, water and the indescribable beauty of Mother Nature. 

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Mgr. Jana Höger
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Mgr. Jana Höger

Thought, idea, vision

Karl Lagerfeld found inspiration for his colour palette in water, delicate shades of turquoise fading into blue, white, light pink and even reflections of gold and silver, evoking the rays of the sun and moonbeams reflected on the surface of the water. The main materials used are luxury Lurex Tweed and transparent plastic.

The luxurious Spring/Summer 2018 collection – what will be in?

The designer Karl Lagerfeld is continuing to experiment with the profile of the new Chanel woman, giving her bold and futuristic accents.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

From the signature Chanel materials, tweed was clearly chosen. We can see this in the ready-to-wear items, including jeans, lacing or hats. But you can forget about the idea of classic tweed. This has been smashed by shiny metal, fish net cellophane fringes, abstract water prints emulating waves or seaweed. 

“Water is the driving force of all nature” said Leonardo da Vinci. 

We can also see transparent skirts in the collection, oversized trousers or hand-stitched lace dresses.

The brand’s latest accessories contain tones of water, most handbags coming in shades of blue. It seems as if the world of fashion is ruled by transparent design: for example, in the form of the essential accessories which every woman needs. The spring collection includes coloured PVC “tote bags”. These are presented together with classic bags, handbags with various embroidery and embellishments. You must be certain to check out the large black-and-white handbags and shoulder bags with bold Chanel lettering, logs and Camellia patterns.


Mgr. Jana Höger

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The world-famous Chanel brand, which to this day - for hard to understand reasons - does not have its own boutique in the Czech Republic, introduced its new collection Spring/Summer 2018. And it is no surprise that this time round, it again bears the signature of the master himself, Karl Lagerfeld.

This almost 85-year old gentleman let himself be inspired by the majestic beauty of tropical forests. Unfortunately is seemed to escape his attention that in the choice of material for his collection he paradoxically consumed tonnes of plastics such as polyethylene or PVC. Or did he perhaps think that the abbreviation for polypropylene, i.e. PP, stood for good old 'Product Placement'? The bottom line is that this work must have burned a considerable hole into the lungs of our planet... SCANDALOUS!

But so as not to be so hard on Karl, I must point out the positive side. Indeed, I myself was few years ago modelling his collection. And it was great! Certainly worth noting were some of the handbags, particularly those which with almost magic turquoise shine in luxurious tweed version. On the other hand, the transparent gloves á la "I'm just going to scrub the main station toilets" I prefered to completely ignore!

Ornella Koktová
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