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The creation of this luxury book was participated upon by a pair of authors, Jitka Rákosníková and Eva Všetíčková. Has been written with taste, in heart-felt style and will take you back to carefree childhood with all the kitchen scents of our grandmothers.

Mysterious First Republic: Scented by Nostalgia and Dished of Movie Stars

Mgr. Jana Höger
19.Oct 2018
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First Republic cookbook

Are you interested in what were the tastes of personalities of the interwar period?

You would be surprised! Oldřich Nový was known for his love of the interesting combination of cucumbers and bluefin tuna. He had a sweet tooth and enjoyed luxury nougat cake or Roquefort and pear open sandwiches. Delicious.

A textbook example, one which from today's perspective would have received huge praise of nutritional advisers is our former President, Tomáš Garrique Masaryk. He had a liking for fish, such as pike-perch, pike or carp from our rivers. He was also known for eating very modestly. White coffee with a piece of cake for a dinner was no exception for him. He was able to appreciate beautifully served dishes.

The Werich family on the other hand enjoyed escargotts or wild boar with rose hip sauce.

Cookbook, as sound foundation of every housekeeper

The book points out a very important thing, that is that Czech gastronomy proudly kept its step with foreign cuisines. The soup is said to be the basis and that is still true. People cooked well and with love and the luxurious dishes which adorned their dining room tables, were tasted in the family circle.

The First Republic cookbook is split into several topics. In the chapter Petit bourgeois cuisine will introduce you to a festively set Sunday dining table of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, as once used to be the tradition. A step further and you find out which dishes belonged among the most popular with famous celebrities. You will be definitely blown away by the beauty of beautifully prepared home-made desserts and sweets. On the other hand you will also learn about the other side of the coin. The chapter Working class cuisine shows menus composed of ordinary dishes, which were nevertheless made of a rich range of high-quality raw ingredients. The big surprise here is the inclusion of Jewish cuisine and also there is a mention of those who did not eat meat.

Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské
Luxusní mezonetový byt na pronájem v Pařížské, Praha 1

Top recipes that can be found in the First Republic cookbook

Luxurious recipes which are worth tasting and also worth the time spent by preparation of delicious specialities are especially the following ones: puff pastry filled with cheese mousse, soup of red cabbage with cranberries, veal rolls, or for example the then very favourite drunken pound cake. A luxurious menu which will take your guests´ breath away!

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