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My fifth sin - Michelin open sandwiches: You really don't want to eat that!

Tereza Janatová
29.Sep 2019
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I don't know if you have noticed it too, but for the last two years there has been some craze among Prague restaurants. Until recently, we had for years only one Michelin restaurant, but now we have a Michelin fever. It is reflected not only in the concepts of the higher food league, but also in the fast-food concept.

Chlebíčky Sisters
Chlebíček turista

The sandwich bistro "Sisters" should be renamed to "Nurses" instead. Perhaps that would make many guests think twice about paying them a visit. First aid after ingestion of their goodies would be here very much appreciated.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Czech classics? You are totally out of league here. Instead of the classic Czech open sandwiches, from which, for example, I really like the celery sandwich, Michelin extraterrestrials of dubious ingredients looked at me from the shop window.

Czech Hawaii

What kind of sandwiches these really are, could be seen from the price tags already. "Hawai poke" - green sandwich with colorful spots. From the inventor's website I learned that it brings freshness in all its components. Freshness? In all components? Seriously? The main ingredient was a big disappointment! I don't know if I didn't like the pea puree or wakame kelp, but maybe it was a combination of both the ingredients. But I swear - I haven't had such a nasty thing in my mouth for a long time. I would like to tell you what the taste of this sandwich resembled, but that would be a text for some erotic digest, not a lifestyle magazine.

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Chlebíček Hawaii Poke
Chlebíček Hawaii PokeSource:

Egg Disaster

Even though I still mourned after my favorite celery sandwich, hunger is the best sauce! There was nothing else to do but try another new invention of modern "cooking". Egg on one piece of bread! Hurray! A safe choice! This will be definitely an egg sandwich.

Price 56 CZK.

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Chlebíček vajíčkový
Chlebíček vajíčkovýSource:

Molecular peach

It was quite edible, except for the odd green cucumber cube on top, which, along with the peaches on the “Peach Chicken” sandwich, reminded me that we were living in modern times, and the days when the open sandwich classics were worth something, are gone. I think that with the development of molecular cooking we will soon not care that we eat meat that tastes like a cake and vice versa. Just recently, a dinner tartare that looked like ice cream was served to me at a Prague restaurant for dinner.

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Chlebíček kuře s broskví
Chlebíček kuře s broskvíSource:

Sandwich highlight

Probably the best of all was a sandwich with goat cheese and beets (74 CZK) - a bit gummy, but fortunately with no surprise in taste, then a cannole from Lukáš Skála inspired by trdelník, sprinkled with cumin, stuffed with Prague ham, horseradish and onion for 79 CZK.

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Chlebíček s kozím sýrem a řepou
Chlebíček s kozím sýrem a řepouSource:

I have to praise that every sandwich label comes with a list of allergens.

I hope I sleep it out

If you happen to have made the same mistake as me, that you went for an open sandwich and you still felt hungry, in shop Naše maso, located in the arcade at Dlouhá 39, you can buy hot dogs for 45 CZK with mustard or homemade ketchup. You will never be disappointed!

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Párek v rohlíku
Párek v rohlíkuSource:

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