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Prague Mussel Week hosts dozens of restaurants

The Mussel Week starts today! We know how much you'll pay and how to get a 50 percent discount voucher

Karolína Lišková
23.Sep 2019
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Týden mušlí se blíží.

Who would have thought that although we don't have sea in Prague, we will be able to binge on seafood to our hearts' content? A dream becomes reality. Starting today, dozens of restaurants will serve yummy luxurious, and most importantly fresh mussels from Holland. Prague Mussel Week aims to show people that it is possible to eat mussels even in places that lack saltwater.

Mušlový týden začíná od pondělí 23.9.
Slávky a bílé víno k sobě patří.
V Holandsku se čeští zástupci učili správně zpracovávat mušle.

According to organizers of the project, it is important for people to understand during this week that there's no need to be afraid of enjoying mussels. They can taste just as delicious here as by the sea, where we like to order them.

16 tons of the highest quality mussels will arrive at the metropolis and their journey from the seaside won't take longer than 18 hours. And a few minutes later, you can have them on your plate.

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,


Mussels are not only tasty but also full of protein, so... attention dieters! Of course, what the mussels are made on is a different question - usually it is quality white wine - and what they are consumed with. It is said that the best choice is toasted baguette, which can be dipped in the sauce in which the mussels are swimming...

In any case, every chef will tell you that mussels are a light diet and healthy food regardless of the wine and the baguettes.

“People are already aware of the benefits of this dish, so its consumption has increased quite a bit. In 1993, the consumption was measured at 0.8 kilograms per person on average per year, today it is an average of 8 kilograms. Iceland has an average of 20 kilos though, ”

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Potvory z moře vytažené...
Potvory z moře vytažené...Source: archiv Prague Mussel Week

says one of the festival's founders and Hopi Holding marketing director Jan Škoda.


Some people are afraid of eating mussels because they have a poor experience with seafood in general due to the violent reaction of their body. But in most cases you are not allergic, you have a food poisoning. One single open clam, and you're done. Within eight hours you are hugging the bucket while sitting on the toilet.

“All of the mussles have to be closed before you cook them, you really have to check them thoroughly. If a mussle is open, it means it's dead and it releases a kind of poison while cooking, which poisons the entire meal and then you go through Hell,” explained Škoda.

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Před vařením musíme mušle zkontrolovat, musí být zavřené.
Před vařením musíme mušle zkontrolovat, musí být zavřené. Source: archiv Prague Mussel Week


Many people also think that mussels are something luxurious that not everyone can afford. But the truth is that beef steak is more expensive. A 400 g serving should cost around 300 crowns. During the festival, mussels are divided into three categories according to their affordability and quality - luxury, bistro and value for money. It is also possible to generate a voucher at the festival, thereby gaining a 50 percent discount at a restaurant of your choice.

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Mušle se dají jíst na tisíc způsobů.
Mušle se dají jíst na tisíc způsobů. Source: archiv Prague Mussel Week

The festival runs from Monday 23 September to Sunday 29 September.

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