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Prague Spring will present several world premiere compositions

Jana Fikotová
20.Mar 2019
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Isabelle Faust

The premiere of the 74th Prague Spring will feature three luxurious works by contemporary Czech composers. The program of May 13 will start with the concert of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in the Municipal House.

“World premieres have always been a vital part of the Prague Spring. We enjoy discovering new talents and the diversity of contemporary music. That is why we reached out to three young authors with the offer, each of whose work reflects our world in a unique way,” said the festival's director Roman Bělor.

Music lovers, rejoice!

The luxurious orchestral work Hypnos by Šimon Voseček will be performed by he PKF - Prague Philharmonia under the baton of the British conductor Ben Glassberg on May 19.

“Here in Prague, we have had little opportunity to get acquainted with his music, which is both modern and accessible to the audience,” says Miroslav Pudlák, the festival's curator of contemporary music.

On May 24, the audience will acquaint themselves with a composition called æther. Jakub Rataj will present an unusual instrument, the theremin, which was invented a hundred years ago by the Russian physicist Lev Sergejevič Těrmen. The instrument is played without touch, merely by hand movement. On May 26 you will be able to hear the Bohemia Cloud Atlas saxophone quartet by Jana Vöröšová.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

An exotic touch

Also present will be the luxurious Ensemble intercontemporain from France, which will be returning to the Prague spring for the fifth time. “They usually presented here the classics of the second half of the twentieth century or time-proven opuses. This time they are bringing brand new pieces - a new composition by Bruno Mantovani, which he recently premiered, and a new work by Miroslav Srnka, created for the LA Philharmonic, which will be introduced in a European premiere in Prague,” said Pudlák. The Cecilia National Academy Orchestra will be performing on May 17.

The whole program can be found on the website of the festival, which takes place from 12. 5. to 4. 6.

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