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Next summer’s collection by the luxury Kenzo brand floats on a wave of originality and lightness of being. The reason for this is the two unique personalities from Japan who have influenced the entire collection.

The muses of Kenzo in the brand’s new Spring/Summer 2018 collection

Eva Ledecká
26.Aug 2017
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Kenzo Spring/Summer 2018

The Kenzo fashion house‘s Spring/Summer 2018 collection celebrates two muses. One presents a modern look at the brand and the other goes back into its historical roots. 

Imagine two completely different personalities, who nevertheless have a great deal of parallels. What is unique is their individual ability to inspire, provoke, and influence. The luxury Kenzo brand describes its Spring/Summer 2018 collection via these personalities.

A highly regarded composer and a unique supermodel

Ryuichi Sakamoto is a highly regarded Japanese music composer known around the world. He was one of the first to start working with electric music, later branching out as a solo composer, activist and dancer. His career is a demonstration of progress and reform, enlightenment and enrichment.

SayokoYamaguchi (1949-2007) was one of the world’s unique supermodels and one of the muses of Kenzo Takada, fabion designer and brand founder. Her originality consisted of her ability to change like a chameleon and thus to be an endless source of inspiration for all in the fashion world.

Luxusní vila v Troji 894
Luxusní vila v Troji 894, Praha 7

The inspiration of the luxury Kenzo Spring/Summer 2018 collection

The mix of these two personalities is reflected in the brand’s unique Spring /Summer 2018 collection: challenging the standard of a well-known music composer and the ability to mix luxury designs, prints, silhouettes and colours, as the fantastic Japanese supermodel did. When designing the collection, the brand was inspired by her transformative nature, which is evident from many period photographs of her in the Kenzo fashion house‘s archives.

Concert of luxury materials, designs and colours

The men‘s ready-to-wear SS 2018 collection is characterised by a spirit of elegance and sophistication. Fitted suits are underlined by originality in the form of unexpected designs patterns and impressive contrasts. And it’s not just traditional black, as the collection also includes provocative colours such as red and violet.

The women‘s collection is full of colours, luxury dresses as well as shorts. The designs are unconventional, just like the combination of patterns used. Stripes and floral patterns prevail.  


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