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Martial arts and their popularity are growing. Throughout the world and also in the Czech Republic.

Muscular Gladiators and Sexy Hostesses. This Is Oktagon, Czech Boxing in Cage!

Jana Fikotová
24.Nov 2018
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Light effects, beautiful dancers and above all fights between muscular men. The gala of the increasingly popular MMA ultimate games is an adrenaline show that activates all senses.  

Fighting style popular since the ancient world

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), a mix of different martial arts has been popular since the ancient Olympics in the form of brutal Pankration. The year 1993 is considered to be the beginning of the modern MMA and the creation of the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Oktagon is the most famous MMA organisation in the Czech Republic. It was founded by sports commentator Ondřej Novotný. "I started with other martial sports – boxing, I later commented on Thai boxing, K1, during that time I watched the final MMA matches, in the Czech and foreign scene, especially the UFC. It was UFC that managed to sell it to the fans, managed to get the best fighters there and today they are top athletes. And what I enjoy the most is the attraction! You never know what will happen, almost everyone can beat everyone, betting is terribly difficult," he said.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Today, MMA popularity is the fastest growing in the world.

Top wrestlers earn a lot of money. The situation was different twenty years ago. The wrestlers fought in the style of Vale Tudo; there were almost no rules in the cage. The first generation of fighters, called the modern gladiators, also includes Dan Barták. "I have always considered it to be a sport, I trained hard," said Barták, today a coach who has become the champion of the Czech Republic in Vale Tudo twice and the European champion in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Today he is one of the most successful coaches in the Czech Republic. He trained Viktor Pešta, who also fought in the most prestigious UFC world competition.  

At present, however, MMA fight is the most comprehensive set of combat skills and styles leading to the most effective attack or defence, aimed to gaining predominance over the opponent and the fighter’s own "mind". It is one of the most physically challenging sports in the world and is compared to a fighting triathlon. MMA provokes our long-forgotten instincts, breaks myths and brings a new look to the 21st century gladiators!

And watch this: women also do this sport!

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