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Fresh air, great view of the greenery and direct access to Prague? We know where to live.

Moving into a villa: Not a dream, but reality

Martina Šmalclová
10.Nov 2020
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Muž a žena u vily

When you close your eyes and imagine your future home, what do you see? Yourself, in the middle of a spacious and glass-walled villa, dreamily looking at the adjacent forests and greenery? Or maybe staying in the living room, next to the fireplace, listening to the sound of crackling wood with a book or a cup of coffee in your hand? We have good news for you. Stop dreaming. We're taking you on a trip, right now. Where to? A villa outside of Prague!

Not a villa like the villa

When you say wooden house, do you imagine a small bungalow or a property built in a hurry? If you own one, then you know very well that this is definitely not the case. This timeless low-energy 4-bedroom villa with a kitchenette from the hands of the leading architect Ján Strcula serves as a proof. The property is perfect down to the smallest detail and has been built with love. In addition, it allows the future owner to adapt it to his image. How come?

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ -1406m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ -1406m, Okolí Prahy

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Vila za Prahou - ložnice
Vila za Prahou - ložniceSource: Y&T Luxury Property

The moment for all creative souls

It is being sold in the white walls condition, i.e. before the final completion of the surfaces. What jacket will the villa get then is in your hands. Are you overflowing with ideas and do you want to get creative in building your dreamy nest and let yourself be carried away on the waves of fantasy? Great news: you can start jumping for joy! And we mean that literally. High ceilings are one of the dominants of the villa.

Privacy only on the first place

A living room with a fireplace and terrace and with direct access to the garden, a master bedroom with a bathroom or a gallery? That's just the beginning. And if you belong to the people who like to guard their privacy, you can credit the property with plus points here as well. A perfectly chose location overlooking the countryside has that covered.

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Žena v přírodě
Žena v příroděSource:

Run to have fun

Where to go when you get sated on the property? There are many possibilities. All civic facilities are literally at hand - restaurants, high-quality schools and kindergartens, music schools, high school, sports ground, doctors and shopping opportunities can be found nearby. And where to find some fun? We have this under our thumb as well.

Berchtold Castle: For the big and small

Lovers of architecture and monuments will definitely enjoy visiting the nearby Berchtold Castle with a playground for kids, sports center and wellness. Together with the surrounding area, it forms a unique place to spend free time at. Whether you are 10 years old or 50 years old, if you prefer a chilled beer to a dumbbell, enjoy a whirlpool bath or a nice massage or belong to fishing, cycling or tennis enthusiasts, you'll find what you're looking for here.

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Zámek Berchtold
Zámek BerchtoldSource:

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Zámek Berchtold
Zámek BerchtoldSource:

For golfers and cyclists

The adjacent golf courses are also worth mentioning. One of them is located at the hotel belonging to the Castle Štiřín, approximately 6 km away, the other in the 8 km distant Golf OAKS Prague - Nebřenice, falling under the village Popovičky. Would you prefer a nice cycling trip to a golf club? Then try the 8km long route Kunice - Mirošovice - Šmejkalka. From the village of Kunice, where the luxury villa is located, you can ride to nearby Strančice and enjoy the luxurious 20 km long cycle path Strančice - Velké Popovice - Kamenice - Nová Grybla.

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Žena hrající golf
Žena hrající golfSource: Profimedia

Something for the stomach

Getting hungry after sports? Of course you are! And believe me, you won't be able to decide where to go first. You can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the above-mentioned Berchtold Castle, at the Park Hotel Popovičky, or at the Velkopopovická Kozlovna restaurant. Lovers of good local coffee and homemade delicacies will probably not resist the Andělka café in Velké Popovice, which is also an educational family center. Luxurious espresso and cake will also be served in the nearby Senohraby in the café33.

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Ženy v restauraci
Ženy v restauraciSource:

Time is relative

After boosting your energy, you can go for more fun. Been to nature reservation query by Chlum? Velké Popovice Brewery? Pyšely Chateau? Monument to Josef Lada and his daughter Alena in Hrusice? Probably not yet. Never mind, you’ll have time. It's relative, isn't it? We bet that in the heart of nature, away from all the stress, you will get the feeling that you suddenly have quite enough of it. And if you happen to miss the hustle of the big city or your work duties call you, remember that Prague is just a stone’s throw away…

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ -1406m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ -1406m, Okolí Prahy

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