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Live in the centre of all the action, surrounded by nature and yet only 15 minutes away from Prague.

Move where lockdown will feel like heaven

Karolína Lišková
10.Feb 2021
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Dvě ženy v bazénu.

These days, many people withdraw from living in the city centre, as now more than ever we need to relax, spend time outdoors and strive to boost both our physical and mental condition. The coronavirus has affected all generations to varying degrees, thus most of us seek the power of silence, nature and beautiful landscapes. Průhonice – a direct neighbour of Prague – offers it all.

Beautiful nature in a UNESCO-registered park, a short drive to downtown Prague and the D1 highway connection, all of this makes Průhonice a popular place to live. Due to high demand, finding a house here is no easy task. But we have one – and no ordinary one at that! Right now, a two-storey luxury villa on a plot just short of 500 square meters is available in our portfolio.

Your very own spa zone

This luxury villa will have you feeling like you’re constantly on vacation and even the lockdown won’t seem so daunting. Besides the extensive private property, a terrace with a saltwater pool overlooking the greenery and the Průhonice chateau awaits you. And if you feel like relaxing, there’s no need to wait until wellness centres and water parks open again – in here you will have your very own SPA zone including a sauna and jacuzzi.

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Koupelna ve vile se SPA.
Koupelna ve vile se SPA. Source: Y&T Luxury Property

Luxusní vila na prodej v Průhonicích
Luxusní vila na prodej v Průhonicích, Okolí Prahy

Details are important – therefore, let yourself be charmed right from the start by the hallway paved with java stone. From here you’ll get to the living room with a separate fully equipped kitchen and dining room. Among many other spaces, the villa offers two bedrooms, a wine cellar, a garage for two cars as well as parking space directly in front of the house. The villa is located in a secure and enclosed area at a distance of five hundred meters from the centre of Průhonice.

Enjoy nature or take a trip... within walking distance

In Průhonice, nature is always just a stone’s throw away. Furthermore, while many castles have us climbing up steep hills to see them, the Průhonice castle is not like that at all. The castle gate opens a short distance from Květnové square and behind it lies a park, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Průhonický park.
Průhonický park. Source:

All this is thanks to the efforts of Count Albert Nostitz-Rienecke’s only daughter, Marie Antonie Gabriela, who, through her marriage to Arnošt Emanuel Count Silva-Tarouca in 1855 started a new chapter in the history of Průhonice. She had the chateau rebuilt in the style of the Czech Neo-Renaissance, but above all, she began to build a local park, which was to be a picture of the humanized Czech landscape.

On the 240hectar area, a total of 40 kilometres of hiking paths was constructed and the Botič brook was regulated by a system of weirs to prevent damage caused by high water levels. The resident rhododendrons collection, of which the park has over 8,000 pieces from more than a hundred different species offers an extraordinary sight.

Scientific and research institutions are based here as well. Among the most important of these are the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening Průhonice, which runs another local rarity – the Dendrological Garden.

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Průhonický zámek
Průhonický zámekSource: Michal Růžička / MAFRA / Profimedia

The neatened village

In the 1990s, the current Prime Minister Andrej Babiš took a liking to Průhonice as well, and he made sure to see it shiny and new. He invests a lot of money in his surroundings.

Apart from building the luxury hotel Paloma with Michelin-starred chef Nicolas Decherchi cuisine and a luxe café here, he also bought and renovated the local Sokolovna (a historic sports centre of the Czech Sokol movement). Sokolovna Průhonice exceeds any other in the whole Czech Republic with its architecture and besides a fine culinary experience, it offers modern fitness and wellness options.

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Žena s mužem u stolu.
Žena s mužem u stolu. Source:

In the modernly equipped Sokolovna gym, young kids dance watching music videos projected on a large screen, while adults (outside of the pandemic, of course) enjoy a dessert and coffee in the cosy garden of the restaurants which belongs to the premises.

And if you’re feeling peckish, don’t worry – around here you’ll find all the tastes of the world. Especially popular is the local pizzeria Grosseto, or pancake house U Slepiček.

Civic amenities? Naturally!

Once you live in Průhonice, there’s no need to drive anywhere – the village has everything you need including elementary school, kindergarten, library, playground for children and youth, church, health centre, Alzheimer centre, pharmacy, banks, many other restaurants such as Pod Zámkem or Babiččina Zahrada as well as congress and accommodation facilities.

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Šťastní senioři.
Šťastní senioři. Source:

Entertainment just around the corner

Still wanting more? Right around the corner, there’s the Čestlice shopping and entertainment zone, the largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic, including the greatest Czech water park that both children and adults can enjoy. An all-day kids’ ticket costs 650 crowns, for adults it’s 850 crowns.

If horseback riding is more your thing, next to Jesenice, only a 10-minute drive away from Průhonice you’ll find the Kocanda riding school, offering rides to both children and adults, either on standard-sized horses or ponies. An individual riding lecture will cost you 800 crowns here. Golf enthusiasts can make use of the Průhonice Driving Range with membership costing 1600 crowns.

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Žena v modrých šatech na koni.
Žena v modrých šatech na koni. Source:

Průhonice have become one of the most desirable places to live. Once you get a taste of life here, you won't want to live anywhere else...

Luxusní vila na prodej v Průhonicích
Luxusní vila na prodej v Průhonicích, Okolí Prahy

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