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Older mothers? A trend that's gaining on popularity. These celebrities are setting an example for them!

Motherhood before retirement! These celebrities decided that age doesn't matter

Martina Šmalclová
06.May 2020
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Until a few years ago, thirty represented an imaginary limit by which a woman should ideally give birth to at least her first child. But times have changed. A few days ago, the president of A Drop of Hope, Vendula Pizingerová, shared joyful news with the world, announcing that she was expecting a baby with her partner whop is sixteen years her junior. Vendula is 48 years old and this isn't her first pregnancy, but there are famous personalities who welcomed their first child as late as at the age of fifty.

Annie Leibovitz: First-time mother at 52

Famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, who has photographed the greatest legends during her successful career, including Bill Gates and John Lennon, gave birth to a daughter, Sarah Cameron Leibovitz, in 2001. Nothing odd about that, except Annie had blown out a respectable 52 candles on her cake two weeks earlier! The baby was born three weeks early, but she was completely healthy. Four years later, the photographer got herself two more children, but those were already carried by a surrogate mother.

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Source: Profimedia

Janet Jackson: Motherhood came at 50

The sister of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, received the most beautiful gift she could have wished for for her upcoming fifty-first-birthday: her first-born son, Eissa Al Man. Shortly after the baby was born, however, she suffered a shock in the form of a break up with her child's father. Janet was left alone to raise her son. The singer makes no secret of the fact that she has no nanny and that motherhood is not exactly a walk in the park.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Rachel Weisz: Bond's wife gave birth at 48

The charming British actress, who's married to the current James Bond, Daniel Craig, gave birth to her second child two years ago at the age of 48. The couple are carefully guarding their privacy and have not yet publicly disclosed even their daughter's name.

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Source: archiv V. Pizingerové

Bára Basiková: Record holder in Czech show business

The oldest public figure in the Czech Republic who gave birth to a child at an advanced age is Bára Basiková. In 2009, she got her twins Anna and Maria another sibling - her son Theodor. Bára gave birth at the age of 46 by caesarean section.

But her position as record holder may soon shake down to the ground! A few days ago, Vendula Pizingerová announced her pregnancy at the age of 48, which was a huge surprise. So it's only a matter of time before she takes the baton from Bára.

Adriana Sklenaříková: She was thrilled by becoming a mother, is there a sibling on the way?!

The beautiful long-legged supermodel Adriana Sklenaříková has been postponing motherhood for a long time due to her career. But after she retired from modeling, fortune glanced in her direction and she gave birth to her first-born daughter Nina at the age of 46. The model is excited about becoming a mother and admitted that if luck was on her side again, she wouldn't say no to having a second child.

World record: First-time mother at 74 - and with twins!

If you find forty or fifty as the highest limit, hold our beer. The world record belongs to a 74-year-old woman from India, who gave birth to twins by caesarean section last year. In her case, however, it was not a natural conception, but artificial insemination.

The eldest mother, who conceived a child in a natural way, is a 67-year-old Chinese woman from Shandong Province.

Luxusní byt na prodej Nové Město - 117m
Luxusní byt na prodej Nové Město - 117m, Praha 1

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