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Short romances and fancy parties of famous people of the First Republic do not create a great love ... But we've found one!

Most in Love Famous Couple of First Republic According to Luxury Prague Life

Dominika Žejdl
18.Oct 2018
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The lives of celebrities during First Republic were full of endless fancy parties, long or short love stories and romances. Although we thought it would be easy to find the most in love couple of this era, it was a difficult task.

Movie stars lived their lives to the fullest and they didn’t have time to think about true love. One of them was the beautiful actress Adina Mandlová, who had a romance with Hugo Hass. Beginning as a mannequin, it was thanks to him she became an actress, but Hass later left her for his future wife.

So which couple was really stable at the time? We found one great love for you!

Oldřich Nový and Alice Wienerová

The amazing legendary actor, director and playwright Oldřich Nový belonged to the best and most famous actors of the First Republic. In addition, as a man, he had what women wanted: charisma and upbeat. It is no wonder, therefore, that many actresses, such as Adina Mandlová, Hana Vítová or Lída Baarová, were enchanted by him during a shooting. But he was not a womanizer, and his heart belonged only to one woman. Who was this lucky woman? It was photographer Alice Weinerová.  

Although the actor may have seemed hesitant for a long time whether Alice was the right one, he eventually married her in June 1936. He did not make the decision himself – her father, a Jewish banker, promised him he would financially help him build a luxurious theatre, which significantly helped Oldřich to make up his mind. He didn’t object, because he truly loved his future wife.  

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

His second love was his daughter, but she was not their own

A year later, after a big and fancy wedding, a little girl named Jana appeared in their life. For a long time, the origin of the girl wasn’t known because Alice was not listed in her birth certificate. Actually, there was nobody listed there. It had been a great secret until the death of Oldřich Nový, for he had never spoken of it. It was only after his death that the truth came out: the little girl came from a children's home where she was born as Blažena Jakešová. She was the centre of Oldřich’s universe and he devoted all his attention and love to her. It is said that Alice had even been jealous of her for a long time. Maybe it was the beginning of her schizophrenia that ran in her family. Jana did not understand her behaviour, and she left home at age 20. Later, when Alice died, she returned to her father to take care of him.

His family was everything for Oldřich Nový, even in difficult moments. If we talk about the most in love couple from the era of First Republic, the actor and his wife Alice certainly deserve to be mentioned.  

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