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Did you know that the Czech book industry produces more than 15,000 books a year?

The most interesting books of 2020: Titles that will surprise you and are worth reading

Barbora Mikešová
09.Jan 2021
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Tereza Voříšková

Making sense of such a large number of published books can sometimes be a real challenge. So we put together this chart of the most interesting titles for you that are worth reading and that you really shouldn't miss out on.

Tereza Ramba: DobroDruhům

We did not get to enjoy a lot of traveling during the previous year, but we can make up for it with the non-traditional travelogue DobroDruhům, put together by Tereza Ramba (nee Voříšková). Almost immediately after the release, the DobroDruhům sold out and it's no surpise. In an inspiring travelogue, Tereza takes us to distant and exotic places, which, in addition to authentic photographs, she also pairs with her knowledge, observations and ideas. But don't expect a classic travelogue, DobroDruhům is more of a confession about travel, existence and love.

Tara Westover: Educated

For our second book tip, we will stay in faraway lands, specifically in the mountains of Idaho with a Mormon family. Last year's hit was undoubtedly the memoir Educated by Tara Westover. She was brought up by survivalists and religious fanatics, and the moment she decided to pursue studies, she had to make her way to it literally and completely on her own. The memoir follows her journey to knowing herself, the need for personal development and at the same time loyalty to one's own family. It is certainly interesting to note that Educated was one of the most favorite books of former US President Barack Obama. The title, which was originally published in 2018, also put the author on the list of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of 2019.

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Žena s knihou v zimě venku
Žena s knihou v zimě venkuSource:

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Colleen Hoover: Verity

We will move from travelogues and memoirs to thrillers, specifically the book Verity by the American writer Colleen Hoover. She is not only a very popular author in the Czech Republic, many fans are always awaiting her books with enthusiasm. Last year, her anticipated thriller, or perhaps better said, a psychothriller, was released, in which the writer shows that nothing is ever black and white. And not even at second glance. The heroine reveals in parts the tragic confession of a mother, which will make you sick to your stomach in many places. Both the confession and the mother herself.

Karin Lednická: Šikmý kostel (Leaning Church)

Another hit in 2020 among Czech readers was Šikmý kostel, a novelized chronicle of a lost city on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland, written by Karin Lednická. The story is based on real facts and follows the events taking place in a pastoral village, which benefited from the success of coal mining, which is also how it met its end. The story tracks the period between 1894-1921. The novelized chronicle is also available as an audiobook, which was narrated very emotionally by Vilma Cibulková.

Casey McQuiston: Red, White and Royal Blue

During Prague Pride 2020, the title Red, White and Royal Blue was published by Yoli, which focuses on young and new adult literature (literature for young adults). In the aforementioned rainbow novel, we read about a gay romance taking place in the environment of American politics. Just imagine what would happen if the son of the American president fell in love with a British prince... Red, White and Royal Blue enjoys unprecedented popularity worldwide - not just among younger readers!

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Žena u stolku a s knihou v ruce
Žena u stolku a s knihou v ruceSource: Catalog

Petra Dvořáková: Vrány (Crows)

One of the most interesting titles is also a brilliant, but very emotional novel by the Czech writer Petra Dvořáková, Vrány, which you will read with bated breath. A small-scale story we follow the conflict between twelve-year-old Bára and her mother. On a mere 184 pages, the author brilliantly depicted the individual characters and described them down to the smallest detail. Vrány thus offers a look into what can happen when a child does not receive love from their loved ones. those who are supposed to care the most, for a long time.

Pavel Bareš: Meta (Base)

For another and at the same time the last book tip from last year, we will stay in the Czech waters with Czech writers. With each new book, Pavel Bareš makes more and more of a significant mark on the map of fantasy and sci-fi authors. Meta, published by Host, is about the world of super-people and is already catching up with the popular duology Projekt Kronos (Project Kronos) and Kronovy děti (Kronos' Children), and the author himself proves to everyone that he did not yet exhaust his imagination. In this vision of the future, people do not use their abilities to make the world better for everyone, but simply to make themselves famous. As usual, the main heroine of the book doesn't want any of this, but instead of a simple life, her world is turned upside down.

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Žena na zemi na dese s kávou a knihami
Žena na zemi na dese s kávou a knihamiSource:

So do you already know which of the books you will include in your library?

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