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Are you drawn to the gloomy atmosphere of Nordic countries?

The most gripping detective and thriller novels: You shouldn't miss out on these books

Barbora Mikešová
22.Jan 2021
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Jo Nesbø

Do you feel like you've missed many things last year? To alleviate your worries at least somewhat, we have immersed ourselves in book waters and bring a small overview of detective stories and thrillers from 2020, which are definitely worth reading.

Jo Nesbø: The Kingdom

Another mysterious, rough and dark title by the world-famous Norwegian writer Jo Nesbø was also published last year. The author's name is closely associated with the Harry Hole series.

In 2020, readers finally saw his new novel The Kingdom, which tells the story of an unknown village in the Norwegian mountains. This is where Carl Opgard, a native who relies on his brother's help, returns with his problems. However, the question remains, what is Carl hiding and how much is his brother willing to put up with?

Robert Bryndza: Shadow Sands

Last year, fans of the popular British writer Robert Bryndza, who has lived in Slovakia for a long time, saw the continuation of the Kate Marshall Kate Marshall called Shadow Sands. In the author's new book, the main character, together with her assistant, investigates another case in which she is trying to solve the disappearances of young people. Disappearances, which are probably related to the thick English fog just above Shadow Sands.

Robert Bryndza has gained many Czech and Slovak readers in previous years. They were captivated by his series starring inspector Erika Foster, which contained a total of six parts. So if you like to enjoy detectives and mystery, the author's work is almost certainly the right call.

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Žena na lenošce u knihovny
Žena na lenošce u knihovnySource:

Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Lisa Regan: Vanishing Girls

We will move from the British writer to the American writer Lisa Regan. Last year, lovers of tension received the world bestseller Vanishing Girls. Many readers compare the book to the titles of the aforementioned Robert Bryndza.

In Vanishing Girls, we follow a thrilling story inspired by real events. A story in which all the inhabitants of the small sleepy town of Denton are searching for seventeen-year-old Isabelle, after whom more and more girls begin to disappear.

Shari Lapena: Someone We Know

Enthusiastic readers of psychologic thrillers also saw another global bestseller by Canadian writer Shari Lapen in 2020. She is no newcomer in Czech waters, but a very popular and seasoned player. She is the author of the titles The Couple Next Door, A Stranger in the House or An Unwanted Guest. In 2020, the writer's fans saw a new work from her called Someone we Know.

The story takes you to a neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, and everyone is unusually helpful and kind. One day, however, a letter at one of the houses upsets the community. It says that somebody's son broke into many houses. But who is it? And what secrets could he reveal? Everything gets complicated after a local woman is found dead. Who is behind her death? There are many questions and way too few answers.

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Havran u okna
Havran u oknaSource:

C. J. Tudor: The Other People

We will continue with the thrilling books and move on to the British writer C. J. Tudor. Like Shari Lapena, she is no new face among writers. From the author's work, you could hear, for example, about the thrillers The Hiding Place or The Chalk Man.

Her new book from last year is downright gripping and scary. Imagine that as a parent you are returning home from work, and get stuck in a traffic jam behind an old car from which a familiar girl's face peeks out at you. The face you see saying "daddy." Your five-year-old daughter. The child you will never see again. But then there are some women called Fran and Alice, who are on the road for many days. They're on the run. Running away from someone who knows the truth and wants to hurt one of the women, Fran, who knows what happened to the five-year-old daughter Izzy.

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Žena s knihou u řeky
Žena s knihou u řekySource:

Stina Jackson: The Last Snow

If you are a lover of a gloomy and dark atmosphere, you should definitely not miss out on The Last Snow by the Swedish writer Stina Jackson. In 2019, in her book The Silver Road, she led readers to the north of Sweden, where a teenage girl disappeared without a trace.

In the book The Last Snow, the author takes us to the Swedish countryside again, which, however, does not always depict only beautiful silver lakes, picturesque red houses and mysterious wild forests. The Swedish countryside can be even harsher than nature itself, especially far from civilization that is the birthplace of poverty, prostitution and envy. Envy that is interwoven with a thread of despair.

The year 2020 was very good when it comes to detective stories and thrillers, and Nordic writers, who have been increasingly sought after in recent years, deserve a great deal of credit for that. So let's hope that this year will be similarly plentiful!

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