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Comics have existed since the late 19th Century and have never had any problems with finding a loyal audience. Their popularity grew even more when heroic Superman appeared on the scene.

The Most Famous Hero of All Time - Superman

Eva Ledecká
02.Feb 2017
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Superman was first featured in the American Action Comics No. 1 Book in June 1938. His fathers are the cartoonist Joe Shuster and the writer Jerry Siegel, who sold their invented hero to the DC Comics publishing house, with all their rights, for USD 130. This publishing house, perhaps also because of Superman, became one of the two largest comic book publishers in the world. 

Superman as a Villain

Did you know that at its inception, in 1933, Superman was cast as a criminal who donated his skills to completely other objectives than simply helping people in need? The question was whether he would make it and whether he would become such a popular and imitated luxury figure right up to these days. One thing is certain: the fact that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster eventually turned him into a superhero was a crucial decision for the future of both the comics and the film and serial productions, which otherwise would have been much impoverished.

The Story of Superman

Nowadays almost everyone, regardless of their age, knows the story of Superman. Therefore below there is simply a brief summary of this luxury story.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

He is a small boy from the planet Krypton, which is under attack, and therefore his parents decide to send him in a spaceship to planet Earth, where there are approximately equal living conditions. On Earth, a couple from Kansas adopt him, name him Clark and discover his supernatural abilities over time – he can run faster than a train, jump over a kilometre away and has such strength that he can lift a truck!

In adult age he leaves for the City of Metropolis, where he begins to use his supernatural abilities for fighting evil. He is employed as an unassuming journalist for the Daily Planet with the name Clark Kent and wears glasses. However he is always ready to confront evil in his legendary blue and red disguise with a big S on his chest.

The Development of the Luxurious Superpowers

From the outset Superman was endowed with great supernatural powers and these gradually evolved. In the 1940’s he could not fly yet and he was only jumping then. He did not have X-ray vision nor super-hearing. Due to time passing the stories were also always changing. 75 years ago, for example, he caught Stalin and Hitler and then sent them before an International Court. He had intended to diligently end the Second World War.

There is only one Superman!

And for Superman, there is only one danger, and that is Kryptonite, a mineral that comes from his own planet. When he is in its vicinity he loses his superpowers and weakens and for him this mineral represents a mortal danger.

Hopefully no day will come when a stone from his own planet will destroy Superman. We would thereby lose one of the superheroes of all time and it is also hard to say whether any other superhero could match his phenomenal talents. Yes, we do also have Batman, X-Man and Spider-Man. Superman, however, is in a category that must live forever!

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