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Adrenaline death races

The Most Extreme Races of the Planet

Jana Fikotová
20.Aug 2018
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Extrémní závody

Do you want to be cool, spring off the bottom and try races where you literally fight for your life? Sports where adrenaline flows full throttle are becoming increasingly popular around the whole world. America, Asia, Europe…extreme races take place across the globe and not everyone gets to the finish line.

"You May Die" i.e. a 24-hour death race

Part of the race is chopping of wood or a cable car ride half a mile above ground. Competitors also climb rocks, over which a waterfall flows or make a statue out of Lego, pieces of which they first have to fish out from the bottom of a deep lake. You are on the track for 24 hours and winners are mostly members of the navy or American army soldiers. It has been held since 2005 in Pittsfield in the luxurious American state of Vermont.

Eco Challenge in live broadcast

In the years 1995 to 2002, this extreme race was always organised in different places around the world. The competitors run, climb mountains, swim, ride canoes or rafts and all this is happening in live American TV broadcast. Rather than sport it was a programme with elements of a reality show. The race became very popular, achieving great ratings.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

Tough Guy - knee-deep in mud

The luxurious British Isles also have their extreme sports. Here the participants trudges through mud knee-deep, or up to the waist in sludge. Billy Wilson, famous man from the army of Her Majesty, elevated this pastime to respected and highly rated races. In the first part of the races which begin in the town of Perton near Wolverhampton with 250,000 inhabitants, participants are awaited by a 13-kilometre terrain run, then by twenty-five obstacles.

Sahara Race: 250 kilometres of deserts

One of the craziest races where the enthusiasts put on their backpack full of water and run into the desert for a 250-kilometre long race. Sahara Race was initially held in North Africa, last year, however, it took place in Jordan. This is one of the most demanding runs through a heated desert. The route is via the most charming countryside of the country. It leads across Wádí Rúm, a place historically associated with the development of the First World War and geographically with nearby luxury waterfall Al Wádí. The finish is situated across luxurious sculpted cave complex Petra, which belongs among seven modern wonders of the world. The racers run for seven days and seven nights in blazing hot jackets. The completeness of compulsory equipment, which includes for example salt tablets, winter and rainproof clothes, water reservoir, Swiss army knife, sleeping bag, headlight, a whistle, aspirin and other necessities, is subject to inspection by the organisers. That´s because the runner´s life often depends on these items.

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