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We've presented some of the NYFW collections, but not everything has been all that successful...These are the most controversial collections of SS19 that have dominated New York in the past few days.

The most bizarre collections of the New York Fashion Week!

Martina Šmalclová
09.Oct 2018
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Gypsy Sport SS19

What do MBPFW and NYFW have in common?

Just like the Prague fashion week, the New York one also hosted several designers who shocked everyone with their bizarre collections. Prague and New York...Two destinations so far apart, yet somehow similar. Do you know how? Yes, even in New York, some designers have chosen to suppress manhood as much as possible.

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Martina Šmalclová
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Martina Šmalclová

VFILES: The collection that makes your head dizzy

We have already informed you about the extravagant show of VFILES, where four young designers presented themselves. Because the bizarre collection intrigued us so much, they also appear in the selection of the worst of the NYFW SS19. Men's shoes on a platform so high that it will make your head dizzy or crazy masks full of mesh, sequins and distinctive colors? That's VFILES!

Vivienne Westwood and her image of "man"

Vivienne Westwood and her creative director, Andreas Kronthaler, also treaded on thin ice with their extravagant collection for SS19. The "luxury" collection presented men in tight underwear, crop tops or high heels decorated with tulle.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

Vaquera wants more diversity

The Vaquera brand was founded five years ago in response to the lack of variety of the fashion scene. So if she wanted the brand to come up with something new, it certainly did. While the number of collections with an absence of masculinity is increasing, they still arouse awkwardness and impress, and that is probably what, according to the luxury brand Vaquera, the fashion scene needs.

Luar: Clothes, not clothes

Luxurious fashion brand Luar presented a white collection in New York in the style of clothing/not clothing. The collection opted for non-traditional materials and applications. Compared to other designers, it is by no means the winner, yet it has still earned an honorable place in our selection.

Gypsy Sport and LRS: In the spirit of nudity and art

Our selection is concluded by LRS and Gypsy Sport. While the first introduced naked, painted bodies, devil-shaped models, men in bell-bottoms and revealed bellies, or bizarre models from luxurious leather, the other showed how curious it looks when you put on a small dress or briefs from shells. It really hurts to look...


Martina Šmalclová

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Every Fashion Week in the world has its treasures and horrors. However, the New York one is an expert in this, so we are going to take a quick tour of the worst.

At Gypsy Sport, they probably like to eat burnt potatoes floating in liters of oil. How else can you explain the obese models that barely fit into their outfits? Not only is it disgusting to look at, but when I take into account the denim dress itself, it's also a disaster. Not even current topmodel Gigi Hadid could "sell" that.

In the LRS, they probably put together a team of freshly discharged psychopaths who watch "American Horror Story" in the evenings. The model who looked like a clown in that disgusting miniskirt with a belt placed exactly at half the length was simply horrible. An otherwise accurate guide to make your legs look half a meter shorter.

The Vaquera SS19 is all about the castration of men, because according to this gang, the male generation should probably die out. Not to mention the miniskirts and stilettos. For me, this should literally be forbidden! The shame of the human population.

And VFILES SS19? It looks like direct advertising and promotion of asphyxia, or hobbies in erotic suffocation. That is the only way to explain all the different kinds of masks on their heads. It's such a shame that the creators of this masterpiece didn't suffocate before it came out.

And last but no least, we have Vivienne Westwood. In spite of the fact that I found a few nice pieces in this SS19 collection, without the bizarreness it would not be the real "Westwood". The best one is the red chair on the head. Are you also thinking about how many people's head you would like to throw it on? :)

Ornella Koktová
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