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The most Beautiful Girls of the Czech Republic in Luxury Dresses by Natali Ruden

Eva Ledecká
13.Feb 2019
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Hana Vágnerová

On 7. February the winner´s crown and advancement to world beauty contest is fought for by 10 finalists. The winner of the first place is Denisa Spergerová, of the second Maria Boichenko, and Andrea Prchalová finished third. Mirka Pikolová became Miss Social Media. Other finalists include: Kateřina Zálišová, Nela Novorytová, Nikol Zimlová, Nicolle Vymětalová, Hana Vágnerová and Denisa Czervoniaková.

The official fashion designer for Miss Czech Republic 2019 was Natali Ruden, in whose dresses several times round throughout the evening all 10 girls stunned the audience as well as the jury in which the designer also sat. Enjoy their beauty along with us!

Models from the successful Asia collection and especially dazzling festive gowns

Being accompanied by You Lie by singer Victoria Velvet the finalists were introduced in models from the Asia collection. This was introduced to fashion enthusiasts first in November last year in Karlín Forum.

Here; however, you could see mainly brand new dresses tailored especially for this occasion. The accompaniment of presentation of this luxury collection was a song Try which was at the gala celebration sang by Emma Minor. Finalists were in these beautiful gowns also crowned.

Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m
Rodinný dům na pronájem, Praha 4 - 359m, Praha 4

The beauty and delicate design of these evening gowns will take your breath away.

The beautiful models were made from a unique Lamé fabric, of foreign production in five trendy metallic colours. Corsets are sewn inside so as to perfectly shape the figure, but at the same time they don´t interfere with the light texture of this fabric, which lends the models a wonderful effect in motion. What the designer said about the details of these sophisticated dresses and creation of the entire collection for Miss Czech Republic, is provided in our article: Natali Ruden: Creating evening gowns for the Miss Czech Republic contest .

Natali Ruden herself chose for this occasion a tailor-made luxury dress from red double silk, which was at the last moment imported from Italy.

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