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When looking at the beautiful crystal collection of Moser, words such as nobility, uniqueness, grace and luxury come to our mind. Christmas with Moser will be exactly like that!

Moser Crystal on the Table as well as on the Christmas Tree!

Eva Ledecká
13.Nov 2018
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Limited edition, Moser

As far back as at the turn of the 19. and 20th century, the brand began to produce what are now iconic sets with names such as Paula, Splendid, Maharani and Lady Hamilton. This year they were complemented by a limited edition of Christmas decorations, whose author is the world-famous designer and glassmaker, Petr Larva, new artistic director of Moser. And he has a truly creative approach!

"It is again what is to us the well-known classic crystal glass bowl, only it can be hung up."

This is how Petr Larva described a series of exclusive Christmas decorations, which at first glance looks like bells, but what are actually iconic glasses of the brand. "All bowls of the aforementioned sets are decorative, it therefore sufficed to turn their direction and instead of the severe stem attach a playful glass loop, which is always slightly different. Its role is to make a reference to the fact that the hands of master glassmaker are playful compared to the stringency of proportions and the décor," explains Peter Larva.

Where did the luxury collections get their noble names?

The aforementioned iconic sets excel through their superior processing, having been made of blown glass, cut by hand or engraved and boast luxurious gilding. Although their original design is over 100 years old, they are still extremely attractive.

Giving a product a beautifully sounding name so as to become exceptional, may perhaps work for some; however, in case of Moser there are reasons for the names of the sets. For example, the Maharani collection was produced in 1895 specifically for the wife of maharajah from Travancore and the Lady Hamilton collection form 1934 was for a change made for the royal family. Today, these beautiful crystal sets may create a luxurious atmosphere in your home or that of your loved ones if you give them a present of Moser under the Christmas tree.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Give a luxury Czech present for Christmas!

By purchasing a Christmas set from these popular collections, which consist of a carafe and four glasses, you may obtain various gifts, such as the aforestated exclusive crystal Christmas decoration from a limited edition. Directly at the store you can also use the services of engravers and personalise the products for your loved ones.

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