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Everything blooms in bright colors in the spring. You, too, can finally bloom with the new Emilio Pucci collection…

From Morning till Night in the Luxurious Emilio Pucci SS 2018 Collection

Dominika Žejdl
03.Jan 2018
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The Emilio Pucci fashion house spent a long time deciding how to introduce its new collection and most importantly what style will it represent. In the end, models of exaggerated gipsy style changed to luxurious fashion that is elegant, refined and beautiful. 

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Dominika Žejdl
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

Creation of a temporary design team

After four years, the Emilio Pucci fashion houses said farewell to its designer Massimo Gioretti and the brand was taken over by a “temporary design team”. The brand is still looking for the right designer who would give it a new purpose. The new collection, introduced in the company’s headquarters Via Amedia, is beautiful, colorful and interesting. The temporary design team returned to the brand roots and introduced beautiful fashion that brings back prints. 

Combination of luxurious retro and prints

The collection is divided into three groups that reflect three times of the day: morning, noon and night. Everything starts with clean white color that radiates finesse and lightness, continues with a collection of blue reminding us of a beach or swimming surrounded by beautiful flowers. Finally, this was followed by pastel colors that looked like a magical sunset. The models showed beautiful white bathrobes with bikini underneath, amazing terry-cloth dresses or irresistible mini-dresses with bead embroidery. Other models looked like beach towels: dresses with fine feathers. 

Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²
Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²,

Fashion for a vacation

The collection is so charming and full of spring and summer colors, you will fall in love with it at first sight. You will want to wear it to work and pack it for your vacation. The turbans that models wore with the luxurious models were also stunning and brought a breath of fresh air to the whole show. The collection is simply a joy to behold. Luxurious and playful colors decorating the collection are beautifully warm and will make you feel better even on a rainy day.


Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Playing with scarfs reminiscent of the Hermés brand

The Emilio Pucci S/S collection introduced a plethora of models suitable for wearing at the French Riviera or in Monte Carlo. It is a game with scarfs, something too similar to the Hermés brand. Be it as it may, it is really pleasant to look at.

I was most impressed by the summer white dress that looked a little like a poncho with light turquoise flounces and a fine belt around the waist. I also liked the light green model with shorts that will be perfect for summer. Another item that deserves to be mentioned is the stylish single-piece swimsuit with elegant beach bathrobes that look like from To Catch a Thief (1955) starring Grace Kelly who was “only” an actress at that time. What more can I say other than: this classic style will never go out of fashion!

Ornella Koktová
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