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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: The US is on alert. Samsung has introduced new phones. Reese Witherspoon has another pet

Šárka Peková
17.Jan 2021
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Reese Witherspoon

The end of the week is here, and with it the latest news! All US states are on alert in the days leading up to Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday. The British government will launch a support program for airports affected by stringent coronavirus measures. Popular actress Reese Witherspoon has acquired a new family member.

50 U.S. states are on alert due to the impending inauguration

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Budova Kapitol
Budova KapitolSource:

All 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia (DC) are on alert this weekend ahead of Wednesday's inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden. The FBI warned of possible armed marches by anti-Trump protesters in all 50 capitals of the country. Analysts believe that states that have faced particularly hostile or protracted electoral struggles are most at risk of violence. One such state, Michigan, has built a long fence around his capital, Lansing.

"We are prepared for the worst, but we remain hopeful that those who choose to demonstrate at our Capitol do so peacefully,"

said Michigan Police Chief Joe Gasper.

National Guard troops from across the country are being sent to Washington, DC, to prevent a recurrence of the deadly riots that took place on January 6. Washington's National Mall was closed to the public and the streets are lined with barricades.

The United Kingdom will provide financial support to airports

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Letadlo společnosti British Airways
Letadlo společnosti British AirwaysSource:

Aviation Secretary Robert Courts said the government would launch a new support program this month to help airports after coronavirus measures had been tightened again. The current blockade of Britain bans most international flights, which means that airline schedules are currently almost empty. However, the ban of travel without quarantine will be another significant blow to the industry.

"The Airport and Ground Operations Support Scheme will help airports reduce their costs and we will be aiming to provide grants before the end of this financial year,"

the Minister of Aviation announced on his social networks and added that more details would follow soon.

London's second-largest airport, Gatwick, said the aid would help maintain jobs at a time when passenger numbers had fallen sharply.

In France, a national curfew is in place from 6:00 pm

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Ulice v Paříži
Ulice v PařížiSource:

Towns and villages across France were virtually empty on Saturday as residents stayed at home to comply with a nationwide curfew from 6 pm to 6 am to help stop the spread of coronavirus, especially its more infectious strains.

The virus has killed 70,000 people in France, the seventh highest number in the world, and the government is particularly concerned about the more transmissible variant, which was first detected in Britain and now accounts for around 1% of new cases. In addition, from Monday, anyone traveling to France from outside the European Union has to prove themselves with a negative test result and spend one week after arrival in isolation.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Samsung has introduced new smartphone models

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Nová řada Samsung Galaxy S21
Nová řada Samsung Galaxy S21Source:

Samsung started 2021 with a bang and introduced three versions of their new flagship smartphone Galaxy S21 earlier than usual. According to some analysts, the reason for the rushed premiere might be the fact that Samsung wants to make the most of the problems the competing Chinese brand Huawei is facing.

The new line offers customers a larger screen, a better camera and a longer battery life. It is also cheaper than last year's series, which had been introduced just before the global economy was hit by a pandemic. Also new is the S Pen stylus for working on the screen. The new models will be available from January 29, and the Korean company hopes that the news will appease customers and help it grow again.

Reese Witherspoon got a new dog

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Reese Witherspoon
Reese WitherspoonSource:

Well-known actress Reese Witherspoon shared with the world that her family has a new member.

"Welcome to our family, Major!"

the 44-year-old actress wrote on social media, adding a photo of an adorable black labrador puppy sitting on the grass. The Big Little Lies star attached the hashtag "love my lab" to her post.

Major is not the only new dog in the life of the Oscar-winning actress. In November, Witherspoon introduced her girl bulldog Minnie Pearl to her fans. Three weeks before welcoming Minnie, the popular actress released the sad news that her beloved French bulldog Pepper had died.

That's it for today. Enjoy the end of the week, but keep the words of actor Vlasta Burian in your mind:

"There are holidays, no vacations or Sundays in the school of life."

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