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Early Bird: They were turning Woods into a robot. London hospitals on the brink. Trump permanently suspended on Twitter

Kateřina Ostrejšová
09.Jan 2021
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Tiger Woods

The United Kingdom recorded the highest number of deaths of Covid-19 in history. Tiger Woods' former partner revealed how much golf had really meant for the man. He'd practised his strikes in the middle of the highway. Twitter has permanently suspended Donald Trump's account; he wants to build his own social platform.

Kim Jong-Un calls US "the biggest enemy"

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Kim Čong-Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has called for more advanced nuclear weapons and said the United States was the country's "biggest enemy". Washington's hostile policies would not change regardless of who occupies the White House but dropping those policies would be key to North Korea-US relations, Kim said, according to state news agency KCNA.

"Our foreign political activities should be focused and redirected on subduing the US, our biggest enemy and main obstacle to our innovated development,"

Kim said during nine hours of remarks over several days at a rare party congress in Pyongyang. He also said that North Korea would not misuse its nuclear weapons, but the country is expanding its nuclear arsenal, including "preemptive" and "retaliatory" strike capabilities and warheads of varying sizes. Kim called for developing equipment including hypersonic weapons, solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), spy satellites, and drones.

Czech households have seen the second highest savings rate in history

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Rodina v objetí.
Rodina v objetí. Source:

In November, after eliminating the effect of the number of working days, industrial production grew by 0.4% year on year. The value of new orders increased by 1.1%.

"Industrial production slightly exceeded last year's figures in November, thanks to the automotive segment, in which foreign demand plays a significant role,"

says Veronika Doležalová, Head of the CZSO Industry Statistics Department. In November, construction output fell by 8.4% year on year in real terms. Excluding seasonal effects, it was 0.9% higher month-on-month. The building authorities issued more building permits and the indicative value of these permits has also increased. The strongest economic performer is civil engineering, which is based on the segment of large companies.

"Total real income of the population increased by 2.8% compared to the previous quarter. The easing of restrictive measures allowed households to partially realize deferred consumption in the third quarter, and their expenditures increased by 5.1% quarter on quarter. However, uncertain prospects have led households to caution, which resulted in the second highest rate of savings in the measurement history,"

says Vladimír Kermiet, Director of the CZSO National Accounts Department.

They were turning Tiger Woods into a robot, says his high school girlfriend

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Tiger Woods v šedém svetru.
Tiger Woods v šedém svetru. Source:

Strong work ethic and the desire to improve can hit golfer Tiger Woods anytime, anywhere. In the HBO documentary "Tiger", Woods' former caddy Steve Williams said that the famous golfer once forced him to stop on a busy highway to practice his swing.

"We were driving down this freeway, and he goes, 'Stevie, stop the car. Stop the car.' He got the golf club out of the trunk, and he's swinging on the side of the road,"

said Steve Williams. Woods' swing has always been a point of obsession for him. He famously changed it several times throughout his career, even at the height of his prowess.

Of course, Woods' obsession with golf had its drawbacks. In the documentary "Tiger", his high school friend Dina Parr said she'd feared that his parents, who were pushing their son toward becoming a golf superstar, had been creating a robot out of him rather than teaching him any life skills.

Trump blocked on Twitter and Facebook

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump Source:

Yesterday, Twitter permanently suspended US President Donald Trump's account due to the risk of further incitement to violence after the attack on the US Capitol. The suspension of Trump's account with more than 88 million followers will silence him in the last days before the end of his term. This is the very first time Twitter has suspended an account that belonged to the head of the state.

Trump has repeatedly used Twitter and other platforms to claim that his election defeat from November 3 was caused by large-scale electoral fraud, shared other conspiracy theories and call on his supporters to come to Washington on Wednesday to march on the Capitol to protest the election.

Facebook said earlier this week that it was suspending its account until at least the end of its presidential term, which is due to end on January 20. Donald Trump said he would work on building his own social platform.

Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthous na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

London hospitals are on the brink

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Lékařka sedí vyčerpaná na zemi.
Lékařka sedí vyčerpaná na zemi. Source:

On Friday, the United Kingdom recorded the highest daily number of new infections since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. London has declared a public health emergency and warned that its hospitals were in danger of collapsing. With a highly transmissible new virus mutation spreading across Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has halted the economy and is rushing to vaccinate the country in an effort to stop the pandemic.

Britain has the fifth highest number of victims in the world - almost 80,000, and the 1,325 deaths on Friday broke the previous daily record of last April.

"Our hospitals are under more pressure from Covid than at any time since the start of the pandemic, and the rate of infection across the country is still rising at an alarming pace."

Johnson said in a statement. Nearly three million people currently have a positive Covid test in the United Kingdom, a country with a total population of around 67 million.

That's all from at this point. Have a nice Saturay morning! Because, as American historian Alice Morse Earle said:

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."

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