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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Protests in Russia. Campaign to help victims of abuse. When fashion speaks

Sabina Štaubertová
24.Jan 2021
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Bývalá první dáma Michelle Obama

The ecological accident on the river Bečva from September still has no culprit. Protests are ongoing all over Russia, the Americans are getting involved. France is fighting against domestic sexual abuse using social networks. Read about all this and much more in today's Early Bird.

The public demands an examination of the Bečva River

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In the autumn of last year, several toxic substances leaked into the river Bečva. However, the culprit is still unknown. Therefore, another march for the River Bečva will take place in Valašské Meziříčí today. The participants in the protest parade demand a fair investigation into the poisoning of the river. According to the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, cyanide leaks that damaged the aquatic habitat have been recorded. Fishermen took more than 40 tons of fish to the rendering plant. The length of the investigation of the September 20, 2020 environmental accident has been criticized by many politicians as well as the public.

Police intervention in protests in Russia

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On Saturday, Russian police detained more than 3,000 people who were protesting against the arrest of opposition politician Alexei Navalnyj all over Russia. Navalnyj had been detained at the airport in Moscow on January 17, 2021 after returning to his homeland from Berlin, where he had been recovering from a poisoning attempt by the nerve poison Novichok. He called on his followers to protest. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in central Moscow despite the cold weather. It was one of the largest unauthorized rallies and police detained protesters. US ambassadors operating in Moscow also took part in the protests.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

"Yesterday the US embassy in Moscow published 'protest routes' in Russian cities and tossed around information about a 'march on the Kremlin,"

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Facebook, adding that they would demand an explanation.

France will tighten laws on child sexual abuse

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Francouzský prezident Emmanuel Macron
Francouzský prezident Emmanuel MacronSource:

French President Emmanuel Macron said France would tighten its laws on child sexual abuse following the publishing of a book that accuses top political commentator Olivier Duhamel of abusing his stepson. Macron stated France had already extended the limitation period for incest to 30 years and tightened monitoring of people working with children, and that victims of sexual crimes would receive better psychological assistance. He uses social networks to promote the campaign.

"To those of you who have freed yourselves from the burden you carried for too long, to those of you who have yet to do so and find yourselves hesitating, I want to say one thing: we are here for you. We are prepared to listen, you will never be alone again,”

he wrote on his Twitter, where stories of sexual abuse under the hashtag #MeTooInceste have been appearing for weeks.

The first rescued person from a Chinese mine

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Rescuers have lifted the first of the 22 trapped miners from a Chinese mine to safety. Due to an explosion, the miners have been trapped in the mine for two weeks. The rescue workers struggled with challenging conditions to free the workers trapped in the mine. The first man they saved was in a poor physical condition. The rescue workers stated it might take another two weeks to free all the miners. This case is no exception. Poor safety conditions in Chinese industry result in frequent mining accidents.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Michelle Obama's inauguration outfit

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Michelle Obama na inauguraci
Michelle Obama na inauguraciSource:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama attended the inauguration of 46th President of the United States Joe Biden on Wednesday. Michelle wore a charming crimson suit from designer Sergio Hudson. Her longtime stylist Meredith Koop issued a statement on Instagram about the importance of this model.

"Inevitably, people will project their own stories onto any visual stimuli including fashion. She has taken a look at the rule book and turned the page,"

said the stylist. Purple is often used by political parties to demonstrate unity. The combination of red and blue, as a symbol of Democrats and Republicans, wasn't intentional, though. Koop added that she wanted Michelle to look elegant, chic and modern.

That's all we have for you today. Since it's Sunday, we could remember a sentence by the famous American inventor Thomas Alva Edison:

"I haven't failed. I've found 10,000 ways that don't work.”

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