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Early Bird: Jessie J spent her Christmas at the hospital. Bryant was to cancel his contract with Nike. Alexander Wang accused of sexual assault

Kateřina Ostrejšová
30.Dec 2020
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Jessie J

Nike's darling, Kobe Bryant, was preparing to terminate their mutual agreement. Singer Jessie J ended up in the hospital at Christmas. Fashion icon Alexander Wang has been accused of sexual assault. Find out more in today's Early Bird!

There may be six doses of vaccine in one vial rather than five

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Lékař nabírá vakcínu.
Lékař nabírá vakcínu. Source:

Minister of Health Jan Blatný took advantage of the exemptions in the Pharmaceuticals Act and, with the consent of the manufacturer, issued measures for the use of the remaining sixth dose in a vial from Pfizer and BioNtech. As soon as today, it will be possible to get up to five more doses from one delivery. The exemption has been granted until the end of March next year. The Czech Republic is by far not the only country heading down this path.

"The contents of one multi-dose vial can be used for up to six patients, in case of strict adherence to the required volume of each dose, provided that the volume of vaccine in one vial allows the necessary volume of individual doses to be drawn for each application,"

wrote the Ministry of Health in their decision signed by Blatný. However, it is forbidden to mix the remainders of doses from different vials, as that would reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. At the same time, the volume of the doses must be adhered to.

Alexander Wang accused of sexual assault

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Alexander Wang
Alexander WangSource:

Fashion designer Alexander Wang has been accused of sexual assault. Two popular Instagram accounts (S Model Management and Diet Prada), which seek to expose offenses in the fashion world and collect allegations made on social media, claim that the New York designer has repeatedly commited an act of sexual harassment.

Some of the allegations were made anonymously, but two people spoke to about the problem. Nick Ward, whose tweet about the alleged incident was shared by the Diet Prada account, claimed that in 2017, Alexander Wang grabbed first his hand and later his crotch.

"As he walked passed me, he turned around, squeezed me and walked on, they were walking pretty fast, so when I realized what had happened, I told my friend: the guy just grabbed me by the balls... and everyone went like: Yeah, that's Alexander Wang,"

Ward said when describing his experience with Wang.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Jessie J was diagnosed with Meniere's disease

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Jessie J
Jessie JSource:

Singer Jessie J was diagnosed with Meniere's disease (which affects the auditory balance) after she woke up without hearing and could not walk straight. On her Instagram, the singer explained her affliction, which she described as an inner ear disorder that leads to hearing loss. Unfortunately, Jessie J could only dream about peaceful holidays. She spent Christmas at the hospital.

"I'm glad I went early and they worked out what it was real quick and I got put on the right medicine, so I feel a lot better today,"

described Jessie J. Manier's disease can manifest itself at any age, but most often affects young people. The main symptoms include hearing loss and tinnitus.

Before his death, Kobe Bryant was preparing to cancel his contract with Nike

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Kobe Bryant
Kobe BryantSource:

Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend Kobe Bryant intended to terminate the 17-year business relationship with his longtime sponsor Nike. Although the five-time NBA champion had a very successful line of shoes out, he wanted to focus on creating revolutionary "Mamba" sneakers for players.

The American investor and co-founder Sherpa Capital stated on Twitter that he had met with Bryant in December 2019 to discuss plans for a new company. According to his words, Bryant wasn't satisfied with the performance of the contract - specifically with Nike's marketing and promotional commitment.

Bryant, like many other athletes, longed for autonomy over his own brand. "Mamba" would have been an ideal way out for him.

Software that looks for vulnerabilities in Apple products?

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Produkty značky Apple.
Produkty značky Apple. Source:

Yesterday, a federal judge in Florida rejected Apple's complaint of copyright infringement against a Florida startup whose software helps security researchers find vulnerabilities in Apple products. The judge ruled in favor of Corellium LLC, saying that the software was fair and useful in helping developers find security flaws.

Apple accused Correlium of essentially replicating iOS (the iPhone operating system) to create iOS-based virtual devices whose sole function was to run unauthorized copies of the system on non-Apple hardware.

"Corellium's profit motivation does not undermine its fair use defense, particularly considering the public benefit of the product,"

said Judge Smith from Fort Lauderdale. The judge also rejected Apple's argument that the company acted in bad faith by selling its product indiscriminately, including potentially to hackers, and by not requiring users to report bugs to Apple.

That's all from us so far. Have a beautiful day and think of the words of the German physicist Albert Einstein:

"There are thousands of ways to kill time, but none to resurrect it."

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