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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Argentina mourns Maradona. Coronavirus is on the rise in the US. Louis Vuitton fights AIDS

Lukáš Bilinec
26.Nov 2020
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Argentinská fotbalová superstar Diego Maradona

Residents of the United States have been instructed not to leave their homes on Thanksgiving. Argentina is in the exact opposite situation: tens of thousands of people took to the streets after Diego Maradona's death. And do you already know who will replace Johnny Depp in the famous movie from the wizardry world?

Americans should avoid gathering for Thanksgiving

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Americký policista s rouškou
Americký policista s rouškouSource:

Today, it's Thanksgiving in the United States, Canada, Brazil and several other countries. Health professionals warn US residents to stay home and refrain from visiting their relatives for the holidays. Politicians are joining in the appeal, including newly elected President Joe Biden, who also motivates people to hold on, claiming that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer.

"I know we can and will defeat this virus. Life will return to normal. I promise you. It will happen,"

said the 78-year-old Democrat at a theater in Wilmington in front of a handful of reporters. On Tuesday, the daily number of victims in the United States exceeded 2,000 for the first time since May this year.

More than half of Czechs shop online

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Nakupování online na internetu
Nakupování online na internetuSource:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who shop online soared this year. While last year 39% of the Czech population shopped in e-shops, this year it is 54 percent. About 13 percent of Czech people have ordered groceries or a meal from a restaurant. For several years, internet shopping has been dominated by clothing and shoes. This year, almost a third of the population of the Czech Republic bought one of these items online.

We also consume more online video content in the coronavirus era - on on TV station websites, paid streaming services, or on YouTube.

"The biggest year-on-year increase was recorded in watching paid programs. While in the spring of 2019, 3 percent of people said they had paid to watch movies or series over the Internet, in 2020 it was already 10.5%. Most of the people who watch paid programs on the Internet are in the 25-34 age group,"

said Eva Myšková Skarlandtová from the CZSO's Department of Statistics on Research, Development and the Information Society.

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

The Argentines took to the streets

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Diego Maradona
Diego MaradonaSource:

Until yesterday's death of football legend Diego Maradona, some people may not have fully realized how much this star footbal player meant to his nation. The full extent of their admiration showed in the last hours, when people filled the streets across the country. The greatest crowd paid homage to the national hero in the streets of the capital. Argentine President Alberto Fernández has declared three days of state mourning in his honor. Most of everyone whose name has ever meant anything in the football world has already commented on his death, including todays's biggest football stars - Cristian Ronald and Lionel Messi. The Brazilian Pelé also hurried with condolences. He wrote that he had lost a great friend and hoped that one day they would get to play together in heaven. Twenty years ago, Pelé had topped the FIFA poll for the best football player of the 20th century among experts, while the Argentine football super-talent triumphed among the fans. Diego Maradona died of heart failure less than a month after his sixtieth birthday.

We know the replacement for Depp in the sequel of Fantastic Animals

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Dánský herec Mads Mikkelsen
Dánský herec Mads MikkelsenSource: MICHAL SVÁČEK / MAFRA / Profimedia

No more speculations! Mads Mikkelsen will take on the role of sorcerer Gellert Grindelwald. The Danish actor, who celebrated his 55th birthday a few days ago, is known among film enthusiasts mainly for his role in the series Hannibal and movies such as Doctor Strange, The Royal Affair, or Casino Royale. David Yates will direct the film Fantastic Animals 3. The film's premiere was postponed from November next year to July 2022. Mikkelsen will replace Hollywood star Johnny Depp, who was removed by the film company due to his protracted legal disputes ver the issue of domestic violence, from which his ex-wife Amber Heard emerged victorious.

Louis Vuitton launches charity sneakers

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Tenisky Louis Vuitton I (RED)
Tenisky Louis Vuitton I (RED)Source: Louis Vuitton

The clothing and footwear giant joined forces with the non-profit charity RED for the second time. Their collaboration gave birth to a successful line of sneakers, intended to support the fight against AIDS. The trendy red and white shoes carrying the sign Louis Vuitton I (RED) will be available from December 1, which is World AIDS Day. $ 200 from each pair sold will be donated to the Global AIDS Fund. The organization RED, founded by Bono from U2 and Bobby Shriver in 2006, has already managed to raise more than $ 650 million (over 14 billion Czech crowns) to fight the disease.

That's all from us on this fine Thursday morning. We wish you a successful and productive day. Two thousand years ago, the Roman philosopher Seneca already knew that:

"It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it."

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