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This news stirred the blood in our veins!

Early Bird: Rihanna goes ballistic on Twitter. Google to pay a fine. Nike introduces unique sneakers

Lukáš Bilinec
02.Feb 2021
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Zpěvačka Rihanna

A young black politician received a harsh wave of criticism from Rihanna and her fans on social media. Google has also suffered an unpleasant experience. Not for the first time recently, the company had to admit its mistake and take responsible for wrong decisions it had made in the past. And did you know which kind of meat makes up the majority of Czech production?

Chinese state newspaper have omitted Jack Ma

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Čínský miliardář Jack Ma
Čínský miliardář Jack MaSource:

The founder of the Alibaba group, Jack Ma, was dropped from the list of Chinese business leaders published by the state media. The omission of the 56-year-old businessman and philanthropist only confirms how deep in disgrace this native of Hangzhou has fallen with the ruling party after his criticism of the regime. A few weeks after his critical remarks (in a speech from October 24) on the policy of the People's Republic of China, the Alibaba Group CEP disappeared and his fate was unknown. However, he's recently spoken at an Internet video conference. The first Chinese businessman to ever appear on the cover of the Forbes magazine wasn't mentioned in the Shanghai Securities News article. Ren Zhengrei (Huawei Technologies), Lei Jun (Xiaomi Corp) and Wang Chuanfu (BYD) have been commended instead. The state newspaper also stated that the selected entrepreneurs now run companies that respect development rules and observe market rules. The Alibaba Group has not yet commented on the matter.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Meat production increased in 2020

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Kousky masa a nůž
Kousky masa a nůžSource:

Last year, 454,846 tons of meat were produced in the Czech Republic, which is a year-on-year increase of almost one percent. Compared to 2019, production increased the most in the last, fourth quarter. Although the largest increase was recorded in poultry meat production - by more than 1 and a half percent year on year - pork is still number one in the country, with more than 210,000 tons being produced a year. Moreover, compared to the previous year, more liters of milk, precisely 3,108 million liters, were purchased from domestic producers, which represents an increase of almost 4 percent.

"Meat production increased by 2.3% year on year in the fourth quarter of last year. It was a little under one percent higher for the entirety of 2020. Pork and poultry production grew, while the volume of processed beef decreased slightly. Prices at which farmers sold animals for slaughter were slightly lower compared to 2019. The price of pigs for slaughter dropped the most,"

said Markéta Fiedlerová from the CZSO Department of Agriculture and Forestry Statistics.

Google to pay a fine for underpayment of female employees

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Žena, držící tablet s prohlížečem Google
Žena, držící tablet s prohlížečem GoogleSource:

Technology giant Google has to pay more than 3.8 million US dollars (roughly 82 million Czech crowns) in fines. That, as reported by the US Department of Labor, will level out allegations of underpayment of female employees and unfairly neglecting women and Asians in recruitment. The allegations were based on a routine compliance audit, required due to the company's status as a technology supplier to the federal government a few years ago. According to a number of indicators, Google was underpaying 2,783 of its female employees between the years 2014 and 2017. The agreement includes a refund of $ 2.6 million (more than 55 million Czech crowns) to employees and job seekers, and a formal request for Google to review its recruitment and salary practices.

"We believe everyone should be paid based upon the work they do, not who they are, and invest heavily to make our hiring and compensation processes fair and unbiased,"

the technology company said in a statement.

Rihanna criticized the Attorney General

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Barbadosko-americká zpěvačka a herečka Rihanna
Barbadosko-americká zpěvačka a herečka RihannaSource:

Thirty-two-year-old Robyn Rihanna Fenty attacked Daniel Cameron, the Kentucky Attorney General, on Twitter. On the occasion of the first day of #BlackHistoryMonth, the black politician shared a video on his Twitter with the message that Americans should remember and celebrate the contribution of black men and women to America. The young singer and actress was triggered by that and shared the video with the comment "Sup n***ą? #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor." Hundreds of people joined her criticism on the social network. And what are they flaming Daniel Cameron for? Last spring, Louisville police officers had stormed the wrong home and shot 26-year-old African American woman Breon Taylor. Nobody had gone to prison for her death, which many blame on Cameron, who had claimed that it was an accident and that the investigation was standard and correct.

Nike has introduced a unique hands-free sneaker

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Nová teniska Nike GO FlyEase
Nová teniska Nike GO FlyEaseSource: Nike Footwear

A revolution in the world of footwear? Maybe! The shoe giant Nike has introduced its new GO FlyEase silhouette, the first ever hands-free sneaker in the company's history. It is designed in a way that allows the wearer to put it on and off without using his hands. The sneaker is based on a so-called bistable hinge, which allows it to be secured in a fully open as well as fully closed position. The heel and insole of the shoe are designed to adapt to the new functionality of this version of shoe. A special tensioning strap holds Nike GO FlyEase in an open or closed position.

Thanks to its technical elements, the brand new sneaker from Nike will serve both people on the go and professional athletes. The sneakers will be avialable for purchase via invitation should be able to purchase through invitations as early as Monday, February 15th. The release for the general public is scheduled for later this year.

That's all from us this morning. We believe that today will be a successful day for you and when you lay down to sleep in the evening, you'll feel good about yourself. The Roman philosopher Seneca already knew that:

"While we waste our time hesitating and postponing, life is slipping away."

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