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Early Bird: Markle wasn't ready to reign. Australia reports zero positive cases. Robots in schools

Kateřina Ostrejšová
28.Jan 2021
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Meghan Markle

The three most populous Australian states recorded zero covid-19 cases on the eleventh day in a row, and can look forward to the reopening of national borders. Thanks to the cooperation of the capital city of Prague and the Taipei Economic Office, the first technological aids, including robots, will arrive in Prague schools. The woman who sewed Meghan Markle's wedding dress revealed that Markle wasn't ready for the royal world.

Every fourth Czech is considering foster care

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Rodiče si hrají s dcerou.
Rodiče si hrají s dcerou. Source:

There are many stereotypes about foster care and a quarter of people don't know the difference between foster care and adoption. Prague is therefore launching a campaign to support foster care. The vast majority of Czechs (94%) are convinced that children should be growing up in a foster family rather than in institutional care. Every fourth person is considering foster care (23.5%), or even planning to adopt a child (1.3%).

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

The aim of the campaign is to encourage interest in foster care and to dispel myths that discourage people from it. One third of Czechs, for example, list as discouraging factors that they alread have children or are too old to foster. Yet older households are among the most frequent and one of the most suitable applicants for foster care.

"Every child should have a chance to grow up in a family. Yet there are thousands of children in institutional care for whom we are trying to find foster parents. It's encouraging that every fourth Czech would consider providing foster care. We want to use this potential, which is why we are launching a campaign to support foster care,"

explained Milena Johnová, Councilor of the City of Prague for Social Policy and Health Care. The faces of the campaign are the moderator of the 7-fall talk show Honza Dědek and actors Lucie Benešová, Marek Němec and Jana Stryková.

Robotic aids in Prague schools

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Robotická pomůcka na stole.
Robotická pomůcka na stole. Source: Magistrát hl. města Prahy

Thanks to the cooperation of the capital city of Prague and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, the first technological aids from Taiwan will arrive in Prague this week. At the lower grades of the grammar school in Čakovice, donated robots will be helping in the classrooms, and at the Secondary Industrial School of Electrical Engineering in Ječná, they are going to start using spectrum analyzers. This is a pilot phase of cooperation between Prague and Taiwan. In addition to material equipment, the city also plans joint projects and student activities at joint scientific competitions.

According to the director Iva Nosková from Gymnázium Čakovice, the robotic arms they have received are a great interactive tool that will help students prepare for the dynamic development of society. The school will use these robots in teaching computer science and in project teaching - students will get acquainted with a wide range of practical tasks, such as building a model house, robotic chemistry or a model production line.

Meghan Markle was not ready for the royal family

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Meghan Markle a princ Harry
Meghan Markle a princ HarrySource:

As one of the women who helped make the iconic Meghan Markle's wedding dress, professional embroiderer Chloe Savage got a behind-the-scenes look at the royal wedding that caught the attention of the whole world. Much has changed since then, and Markle and Prince Harry have left the royal world and set out on their own journey to California with their two-year-old son Archie.

Their decision surprised many at the time, but according to Savage, the former actress hadn't been sufficiently prepared for the pressure a member of the royal family gets to experience. While Kate Middleton and Prince William had been dating for eight years before their wedding in 2011, Markle and Harry announced their engagement just one year after publicly confirming their relationship.

"I think she misunderstood the role. Kate had plenty of time to fit in fit in. It’s broken people before, like Diana. Meghan wasn't prepared for things she can and can’t do, say and wear,"

said Chloe Savage. Markle had admitted in the past that when she first told her friends she was dating Harry, they told her to end it, or else the British boulevard would ruin her life.

Good news for Prague 4: rents aren't going to increase

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Muž drží v ruce klíče.
Muž drží v ruce klíče. Source:

The Prague 4 City Council has, once again, approved the abolition of rent increases for premises managed by the Prague 4 district for this year. The measure should help families, entrepreneurs and freelancers during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The rental price will thus remain the same for the third year in a row.

"An increase of more than three percent would affect thousands of people renting premises or apartments from the city district. That is why we have decided, same as last year, not to increase rents on the basis of inflation,"

said Deputy Mayor for Culture and Property Michal Hroza. Last January, the councilors did approve an increase of 2.8%, according to the statistical office, but canceled it at the beginning of April due to lockdown. According to the office, last year's inflation went up to 3.2%. However, it won't affect rents in Prague 4 this year either.

Australian states report zero positive cases

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Žena cestuje v roušce.
Žena cestuje v roušce.Source:

The three most populous Australian states recorded zero Covid-19 cases eleven days in a row. This means that from February 1, the state borders will be reopened. Australians had very strict border restrictions during the Christmas holidays and many people couldn't visit their families. Australian states are now divided into three colors - green, orange or red according to their risk. Passengers from the red zones cannot cross the border, while those from the orange zones have to undergo a coronavirus test within three days of arrival.

The southeastern state of Victoria, which hosts the Australia Open tennis grand slam tournament, has indicated it may change its set-up with Sydney on Friday. The state has already recorded the 22nd day of zero cases.

Australia has reported over 22,000 local cases of COVID-19 and 909 deaths since March. The country, which closed international borders at the beginning of the pandemic and introduced blockages and strict social distance measures, ranked among the top 10 in the COVID performance index for successfully managing the disease.

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