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Early Bird: Goulding announces her pregnancy. Woods had a serious car accident. Even Obama has a podcast

Kateřina Ostrejšová
24.Feb 2021
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Ellie Goulding

Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident in California yesterday morning. The podcast boom continues! Even Barack Obama already has one, called "Renegades: Born In USA". British singer Ellie Goulding and her husband Caspar Jopling have announced big news - they are expecting their first child together. We wish you a beautiful morning!

Prague 2 continues to support entrepreneurs

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Kolegové mají pracovní poradu.
Kolegové mají pracovní poradu. Source:

The councillors of Prague 2 have approved further support for entrepreneurs and sole traders in the non-residential premises of the city district. The city district wants to help mitigate the consequences of the government's crisis measures in relation to the state of emergency in force. Specifically, they offer a discount on rent, the possibility of rescheduling payment calendars and non-application of late rent penalty fees.

"The coronavirus pandemic dealt a really severe blow to our two-time entrepreneurs and sole traders, and so our city district of Prague 2 decided to accommodate them and lend a helping hand, just like we had done last spring. We hope that our help will make a difference in their lives because they are an important part of our economy, but above all, they are people who create values,"

said Deputy Mayor for Business Alexander Udženija. Those interested in a discount on the lease of non-residential premises will be able to submit their applications via a form. It is available on the website of the Prague 2 District Office.

Tiger Woods had a serious car accident

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Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods Source:

Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident in California last morning. After the car overturned and ended up off the road, he was taken to hospital. According to the American media, the most famous golfer of our time has moderate to serious injuries, the most critical ones being those in the area of ​​his lower limbs.

Woods, who won 82 titles on the elite PGA circuit, was alone in his car. The accident required the assistance of firefighters, who rescued him from the vehicle. The 45-year-old athlete has long-term back problems, with which he has recently been repeatedly treated. Earlier this week, he even announced that his recovery was taking longer than expected and that he probably wouldn't make it to the Masters in April.

Athletes from all over the world immediately started sending woods touching messages on social media.

"Let us pray for Tiger Woods now,"

skier Lindey Vonn wrote on Twitter. Many others join her, among them American football player Justin Tuck.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Mexico and Argentina are trying to make vaccines available to poorer countries

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Lékař drží v ruce vakcínu.
Lékař drží v ruce vakcínu. Source:

The presidents of Mexico and Argentina are urging the UN and the world's richest countries to give poorer nations access to the Covid-19 vaccines, enabling them to vaccinate their citizens. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the system, which should provide vaccines to the poorest countries, was not working. According to him, 80% of the supplies are concentrated in only 10 countries, which is completely unacceptable.

Argentine President Albert Fernandez agreed with his words and noted that, together with Emanuel Macron, they were working to bring the vaccines under the auspices of the G20 (the world's largest economies), which includes both Mexico and Argentina.

According to the Oxford research group "Our World", Mexico administered 1.3 vaccines per 100 inhabitants and Argentina 1.6. In contrast, Britain has vaccinated 27.0 and the United States 19.2. Such lack of equality in the vaccination process suggests that, except for the world's richest countries, everyone will have to wait months, if not years for thorough vaccination.

Singer Ellie Goulding is expecting her first baby

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Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding Source:

British singer Ellie Goulding and her husband Caspar Jopling had big news to share! They are expecting their first baby. The pregnancy came less than two years after their wedding, the singer announced in an interview for a British lifestyle magazine.

Goulding was pregnant during her performance at the V&A Museum in London. The show took place last August. However, the singer shared that'd had no idea she was about to become a mother at the time. The news came unexpectedly on their first wedding anniversary.

"This was not planned at all. But getting pregnant makes me feel human. I have curves I’ve never had before. I enjoy it,”

the singer opened up in an interview.

Barack Obama has his own podcast

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Barack Obama
Barack Obama Source:

The podcast boom is in full swing! Even Barack Obama already has one, called "Renegades: Born In USA". It is a series of eight interviews with rock'n'roll icon Bruce Springsteen. Listeners can look forward to in-depth discussions on current world issues.

The first two parts of the series are already on Spotify and have been available since February 22. The remaining six episodes should be out in the coming weeks. In a trailer for the podcast, the 44th President of the United States says:

"Apparently Bruce and I have little in common. This is a white man from a small town in New Jersey. I am a black, mixed-race, born in Hawaii. He is a rock icon. I’m … not that cool."

Obama, along with his wife, signed a multi-year contract with Spotify in 2019. That means we can safely assume this is not their last endeavour and fans can look forward to hearing more from the couple in the future.

That's all from our Early Bird today. The forecast says we'll have a beautiful sunny day, so make sure to enjoy it to the fullest! As politician William Hannan said:

"The day will be how you make it, so rise like the sun, and burn."

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