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The Prague municipal authority has revealed what changes await the metropolis.

More life in the center instead of tourism. What projects can Praguers look forward to in the coming years?

Linda Veselá
20.Nov 2020
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More apartments, more chargers for electric cars on lamp posts and more life in the center of Prague! Also, a new smaller district around Palmovka and a center in Nové Dvory or a new building of the Philharmonic. Those are the changes that Praguers can look forward to in the coming years!

Petr Hlaváček

Thousands of new apartments

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Nově postavené byty
Nově postavené bytySource:

"In the preliminary debtes, we were interested primarily in the city's property policy - an active approach, where land is not sold, but its value increases,"

Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor for Territorial Development, outlined the goals for the coming years. According to him, one of the key projects is the Prague Development Company (PDC), founded by the Prague municipal authority, whose purpose is to expand Prague's land ownership and prepare projects for housing development in Prague. It currently has eight employees, but their number is expected to grow to twenty next year.


Hlaváček believes that in the future, approximately 10,000 flats per year could be built in Prague, and urban construction should be about 2,000. According to him, transparent rules for cooperation between the city and developers are very important.

Palmovka is about to change

In addition, several interesting projects await us in the coming years! Palmovka, for instance, is in for some big changes. A smaller city district with a park should grow up there. A a local center with housing, shops and a cultural house is planned in the area of ​​Nové Dvory, where a stop of the future metro D is to be built. In both cases, changes to the zoning plan are already being made. Specific investment plans should be ready by the end of the election period in 2022.

More chargers for electric cars

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Nabíjení elektrovozu
Nabíjení elektrovozuSource:

The Prague councilor for property Jan Chabr (TOP 09) is especially proud of the change in the operation of public lighting and the fact that some lamp posts include chargers for electric cars. Next year, another 300 of those should appear in Prague. In the future, the city also wants to get involved in the production of energy directly on the roofs of houses through a number of pilot projects. The inhabitants themselves will allegedly be able to use the electricity produced in this way.

New Philharmonic building

Next year, the municipal authority also plans to announce an international competition for the new building of the Philharmonic, which envisages an ultra-modern concert hall with a capacity of 2,000 spectators. For this reason, the city management invited the prestigious world-famous Henning Larsen studio and several other companies to prepare a usability study. For the sake of this construction, changes in the zoning plan are to be made as well.

The city center shouldn't turn into an open-air museum

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Střechy Prahy
Střechy PrahySource:

Another change will affect the city center itself - it should serve the Pragues more than before.

"Logically, considering the crisis and the lack of tourists, terminations of leases are more and more frequent,"

said Chabr. According to him, it is necessary to have non-residential premises occupied ideally by those subjects that will bring life there. The number of tourist subjects could thus be reduced. Prague is planning a new methodology for assessing bids - it wants to specify what exactly it would like to see in a given place.

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Jan Chabr
Jan ChabrSource: Petr Hloušek / Právo / Profimedia

"It gives the city center what we want to see there. And we don't want it to be an open-air museum, but a place where life happens,"

added Chabr. In many ways, he believes this is already happening. Lots of buildings in the city center were empty and decisions had to be made on what would happen with them next. "We came to the conclusion that the property must also serve the citizens," Chabr explained. A good example of this approach is the revival of the House of the Pages, which stood empty for 12 years, and now houses the Museum of Memory of the XX Century.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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