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The Twenties of the last century still fascinates people as it was an era that forever changed society, culture and the economy. As children in alley ways eagerly watched every passing car for signs of the newest and latest and greatest, Montblanc was participating in this time of change with a new and luxurious writing instrument that had no equal.

The Montblanc Heritage - Luxury Pens with a Remarkable History

Eva Ledecká
19.Dec 2016
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Montblanc Herritage: Rouge et Noir

It was another era, the remarkable 1920s – the Jazz Era, men in elegant suits, women in the latest flapper fashions and everyone needing a fountain pen. And in 1924, Montblanc introduced its newest line of pens for which it became famous, the Meisterstück, which in English means “Masterpiece". Today’s customers can still enjoy the luxury and elegance of this bygone era with a full line of writing accessories from this world famous luxury brand – Montblanc.


The Montblanc Fountain Pen Earns Ovations

Beginning in 1906, the original founders of the company, which would later change its name to Montblanc, offered it first simplissimus or fountain pen (a pen with its own inkwell). After a change of ownership, in 1909 the company offered its first model the Rouge et Noir. At the time, a “fountain pen” as it would be called, was considered a huge technical success. It consisted of a writing device that no longer needed to be dipped rather frequently into a separate inkwell. Today, we can’t imagine a pen not having its own ink supply but, 100 years ago, this was a modern marvel and an amazing breakthrough.

In 1910, following the success of the Rouge et Noir, the company came out with a new model, the Monte Blanc. From this model came the company’s new name.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

A Truly Luxury Gift – a Fountain Pen with a Glorious Past

There is still something very special about the use of a fountain pen to add a signature to a document. In its current versions, the legendary Montblanc fountain pen has a longer silhouette but it still retains its unmistakable signs of refined craftsmanship. The barrel of many of these pens is made of what is referred to by Montblanc as “precious resin” but most see as a high quality type of plastic. Most of the pens also come with an 18 karat gold writing nib and other gold decorate touches.

The Montblanc range of fountain pens is very extensive with pens also made of carbon, lacquer and silver. There are innumerable traditional looking pens and a wide variety of very modern styles.

If you want that extra special something, which is a delight to own, use and be seen with, it is hard to find something with the uplifting feeling of perfection that a sophisticated, luxurious and unique gift from Montblanc can provide.


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