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Monika Babišová became an ambassador of a project aimed at fighting cervical cancer

Monika Babišová started a battle against cervical cancer!

Nela Štefanová
11.Sep 2019
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Monika Babišová is an ambassador of Kopretina

The project called Kopretina (Daisy) is aimed at preventing cervical cancer. About four hundred women die of the disease in the Czech Republic each year. The best way to prevent this type of cancer is to visit a gynecologist on a regular basis, but many women neglect to do so, which is awhy Kopretina came up with the possibility of a "self-examination" performed in the comfort of one‘s home. Well-known personalities have taken the patronage of the project and Monika Babišová is one of them. We prepared a few questions for her.

Monika on vacation in Turkey

“Being able to be a part of this enlightenment means a lot to me. I consider it a great honor that I am involved in it and that I have been chosen. Even if we only help one woman save her life, it won‘t be a waste of effort,”

she said to The Prime Minister's wife revealed at a press conference that she, too, was going to undergo the vaccination and that she would have her daughter vaccinated as well, since prevention is essential. Monika knows very well that there is nothing more important than health, seeing as she suffered pancreatitis last year. She had to be on a strict diet that didn‘t just restrict her intake of fats and sugars, but also prohibited alcohol and cigarettes.

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Source: instagram - Monika Babišová

“Yes, after almost five years, I can finally proudly say that I‘ve quit smoking for good. I'm very proud of myself. Of course, when I am in a company of smokers, it tempts me, but I successfully avoid such get-togethers and I‘m doing fine, ”

she continued.

The body fuels the mind!

Babišová also confirmed the well-known fact that one‘s health is largely influenced by their mental well-being and inner peace. Once a person's life is not in harmony, the problems can reflect physically on their body. Her husband is under pressure from the media all the timee, which often has a negative effect on Monika, too.

“I myself live under a lot of stress and it what helps me most is getting together with my friends and talking with them, either about my problems, which I can share with them, or about something completely unrelated. I like to relax at home, preferably with a good book or movie,”

she said. Monika is a fan of alternative medicine and does not conceal the fact that she likes using homeopathics. But when things get serious, she doesn‘t say no to classical medicine.

"I have my herbalist and if any of the children or other family members have a problem, we visit him. He always makes herbal tea blend appropriate for the situation. Of course, when antibiotics are necessary, then it can‘t be helped, but I prefer to do it this way,"

she concluded.

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