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A refuge named Åtuln will be built near Klínovka.

A modern refuge Åtuln designed by ČVUT students will become the new pride of Krkonoše

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17.Feb 2019
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Åtuln, Klínovka

The mountain refuge is a follow up of last year’s project Lávky pro KRNAP (bridges for KRNAP), where a new collaboration of ČVUT and the national park began. One of the designers, a student of architecture Nikola Macháčová from the team of the Åtuln lodge provided us with some closer information about the project.

Åtulns are a minimalist luxury shelter, where tourists can hide during unfavourable weather.

Åtuln was designed in one semester

It will be located about 8 km from Pec pod Sněžkou at the crossroads of Klínovka. It is propped up two meters above ground, to account for large amounts of snow. Its most prominent characteristic is its front window, bringing light into the interior, and giving a beautiful view of the surrounding. The light interior contrasts beautifully with the black wall sheathing.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

A team of young architects consisting of students Nikola Macháčová, Radka Smičková and Veronika Tichá are authors of the project. Construction took 2 days, and the entire project took 1 year.

The interviewee was Nikola Macháčová:

How was the name invented and how is it pronounced?

We concieved our designs in the style of IKEA – easily put together and separated. The name is the Swedish name for refuges + the A shape. It is pronounced [otiln]

How many people fit into one shelter?

6 people will fit comfortably sitting, in an emergency 4 could sleep there, but we don‘t expect that eventuality.

What do you appreciate the most about the refuge?

I like working with wood. We ourselves treated the wood by a Japanese special technique, where the surface of the wood is charred to protect it. We also tried carpenting on the outer loadbearing truss frame. The wooden cladding on the interior is incredibly cozy, and it feels like a mountain lodge.

Are you afraid of it being vandalised?

Many vandals don’t go as high as 1300 above sea level. There are different kinds of people in the mountains. We were more apprehensive in Dejvice, where there are refuges built, but pointlessly. Now, they’re used as playgrounds for children.

All fantastic refuges, six in total, are on display in front of the ČVUT building in Dejvice until May. Then, they will be moved to their designated places in Krkonoše, and will be accessible for people from next winter.

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