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We took a closer look at modern and historic architecture.

Modern living or a historic building with a story? We know what should guide your decision!

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07.Dec 2019
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Choosing a property is by no means a simple matter. At one moment, you maight be longing for modern living that you could fully adapt to your own image and that would boast more bathrooms than all the apartments you've ever lived in combined, but in the next moment the doubts start creeping in. Wouldn't it be better to go for the historic villa that impressed you so much with its uniqueness? To make your decision easier, we have prepared an overview of the pros and cons that both types of housing offer. Because while it may be a good thing to follow your heart in matters of love, it should definitely be avoided when buying a house.

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha - 981m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha - 981m, Praha 5

Modern living: In your own image

If you're looking for new, modern housing, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that the property hasn't been lived in before. You don't have to be concerned about the residue of someone else's energy left behind the previous owners. Instead, you can jump right into homemaking! Completion of a swimming pool, ordering a luxury kitchen or purchasing new furniture? Thanks to the wide offer on the market, which is literally overflowing with modern style, you can easily estimate the scale of additional investments.

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Source: Y&T Luxury Property Prague

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Source: Y&T Luxury Property Prague

Luxury at your fingertips

Luxurious modern living meets the requirements of even the most demanding clients. Spacious and airy rooms are interwoven with light thanks to a large number of windows, the properties feature breathtaking saltwater aquariums that replace classic room walls, home theaters, indoor pools, private elevators or impressive terraces, from which you walk directly into a large garden… Does it sound to you like a dream? Bad call! We've just described to you living in a particular functionalist three-storey villa located in Prague's Barrandov. Some dreams are actually at your fingertips.

You're saving both nature and your wallet

An undeniable advantage of modern living remains energy savings thanks to solar panels, which continue being a hit. They will allow you to positively influence the impact on nature, on top of which they'll save your wallet.

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Source: Y&T Luxury Property Prague

Historic living: A touch of the past

When you enter a property with a story, you can be sure that in almost all cases, you'll feel the magic of the past floating in the air. The most famous artists and personalities very often lived in Prague villas. Indulging in dinner in the kitchen where the likes of Jaroslav Marvan used to sit is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

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Source: Y&T Luxury Property Prague

Uniqueness and disctinctive style

Moreover, some historic buildings are perfectly timeless even 100 years after their construction, and they easily put buildings decades younger to shame. We are mainly referring to jewels that were created by the hands of well-known architects whose works boast a completely unique style.

Absence of current trends

Time constantly moves forward and with it the requirements of the clients. The vast majority won't mind the lack of a pool, but what a garage? That's pretty much considered a must nowadays. The main downside to most historic properties is definitely the absence of current trends. The buildings often lack the aforementioned garages, elevators or air conditioning, or offer less spacious chambers and a smaller number of rooms. Their owners then have no choice but to launch an immediate reconstruction. And that's when they often encounter unexpected problems...

More challenging reconstruction and possible restrictions

When it comes to historic buíldings, one has to renovate practically everything in case of larger reconstructions, so it is much difficult to estimate the exact costs in advance. You can also come across restrictions in the so-called listed buildings, in which case you will simply have to come to terms with the fact that a higher power won't let you have the elevator or new balcony you really wanted…

So, do you already know whether you'd prefer modern living or rather a historical building breathing with the magic of the past?

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