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It is a good idea to prepare properly for the coming of the new year. If for example you are expecting a lot of people, we recommend that you prepare a traditional luxury Punch Bowl. But how to go about it? The experts from Bugsy’s Bar will give you some advice.

Mix yourself some luxury punch using a Bugsy's Bar recipe

Eva Ledecká
23.Dec 2016
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Bugsy's rum punch

We have for you, ideas for three luxury drinks for the Christmas period and New Year’s Eve. You can mix the unique Bugsy's Christmas Rum Punch exactly the way they serve it in the luxury bar in Prague, Karlovy Vary Punch or the simplest alternative New Year’s Eve Punch, in which you can experiment with the ingredients you like best. 

Bugsy's rum punch
Bugsy's bar
Bugsy's bar

Bugsy's Christmas Rum Punch

This is one of the best-selling rum-based drinks in Bugsy's Bar. Light and dark rum is complemented by homemade sugar syrup, fresh lime juice, Angostura bitters and two varieties of juice - guava and passion fruit. All of this has nutmeg grated on the top which wonderfully aromatises the whole combination and with a view to the fact that we want to experience the maximum flavour, it is important to drink it without a straw. The “icing on the cake” is provided by a cocktail stick with Amarena cherries to accompany that nutmeg on the surface of the drink and these cherries are also perfect to eat together with it.


40 ml Mayer's dark rum

40 ml Havana 3 aňos

Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m
Luxusní vila na prodej v okolí Prahy - 320m,

10 ml sugar syrup – boiled 1:1 sugar and water. 

20 ml fresh lime juice

80 ml passion fruit juice 

80 ml guava juice 

1 splash of Angostura bitters

Shake all of this thoroughly in a shaker and serve over ice cubes. Decorate with Amarena cherries and nutmeg. 

New Year’s Eve Punch Bowl:

A punch is given with a fist and a fist is made up of five clenched fingers. This is why punch is mixed using five ingredients: Sweet, bitter, sour, non-alcoholic and alcoholic. A bowl is used to mix things in. So, as the name implies, the drink will be mixed in a large bowl. You will also need mugs, ideally with a handle. It is quite a good idea to have 2-3 in reserve, unless they are plastic. You can be certain that they will come in handy and definitely have some spare mugs with handles on hand, as the closer you get to midnight, the more often you will be needing them. So be careful not to miss the toast!!!

Instructions for your original Punch Bowl:

Fill a clean bowl with ice and then just measure in the drinks:

1. Alcohol base – usually cane sugar rum, but it could be anything with a proven origin. Gin, vodka or Becherovka – basically whatever you like.

2. Something sour – lime or lemon juice is recommended.

3. Something bitter – about 200 ml of Fernet left over from last Christmas will be more than enough. The bitter taste will bring the other ingredients into a luxurious harmony of flavours.

4. Something non-alcoholic – this serves to practically fill out the volume and refine the flavour. Fruit juice or carbonated water is usually used. Apple juice is a great ingredient which works well with anything. You can however combine 1:1 juice + carbonated water or sparkling wine. 

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

5. Something sweet – for example fruit cordial from your grandmother, liqueur or honey which you can easily mix with water 2:1.

Mix everything together and garnish with fruit which you can then eat over the course of the evening. 

 A luxury version of Karlovy Vary Punch:

 40 ml Becherovka

20 ml Apricot brandy

10 ml fresh lime juice

40 ml apple juice

80 ml Champagne / prosecco

Sweeten or add lime according to taste. Garnish with broken-up bits of cinnamon and dried apricots.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2017!

The Bugsy’s Team

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