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The collection of luxury Miu Miu perfumes was joined by a new addition, Fleur D'Argent - a scent which is feminine, refined and perfectly dazzling.

The Miu Miu Fashion House Introduced a New Perfume. The Star of the Campaign is a Cute Kitten!

Martina Šmalclová
25.Sep 2018
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The refreshing campaign will attract as well as soften you

The Italian brand of Miu Miu has launched a new perfume, Fleur D'Argent. The manner it did that will not only make you tender, but it will attract your attention, too. The star of the campaign in which Miu Miu represents its luxurious scent with enhanced elegance, is a playful, inquisitive kitten. What about an advertising campaign featuring a cute creature from the animal empire? This marketing gimmick will simply always work.

Dare to be stunning

In this entertaining campaign, the subtitle of which is 'Dare to be stunning," excels, in addition to the four-legged pet, also French actress, Stacy Martin. The luxurious pictures were made by photographer Alasdair McLellan and the video recording, which will pull your heartstrings, is the work of film director, Rebecca Zlotowski.

Heady aroma named tuberose

The newest addition of Miu Miu is even more intense, sensuous and stunning than ever before. The main component of the luxurious perfume, Fleur D'Argent, is tuberose which lends it the heady aroma. The heart of the perfume consists of the akigalawood and the basis is musk.

Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466
Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466, Praha 5

The queen of perfumes, Daniela Andrier

The refined perfume is the work of German perfumer, Daniela Andrier, who in the past created luxurious perfumes, for brands such as Gucci, Bvlgari, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Valentino, Yves Saint Lauren, Prada, or Tiffany.

Flask of perfect design

The flask obtained a sleeker design and the silver glass was supplemented by a stylish stopper in harmonious shades of gold, white and pastel pink. Did the new perfume Fleur D'Argent win your heart and do you plan to extend your collection by this elegant sophistication, concealed in a flask of exquisite design? You can choose from three standard sizes - 30, 50 and 100 ml.

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