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The semi-finals of the Miss Czech Republic contest took place over the entire weekend from 12 – 13 May. Which girls reached the finals?

Miss Czech Republic has its finalists! Do you like the jury’s choice?

Dominika Žejdl
14.May 2018
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Miss Czech Republic

The Miss Czech Republic semi-finals, which were held in the beautiful space of VNITROBLOCK, are behind us. The final ten girls who will compete for the title of MISS CZECH REPUBLIC have just been chosen and only one of them can become queen!

A total of ninety girls reached the semi-finals

Ninety semi-finalists gathered at VNITROBLOCK in Holešovice on the first day and went through a gradual elimination process during which the jury tested how good the girls’ knowledge and world language skills were, until twenty of the best and most beautiful girls remained. The first promenade in swimsuits by the deluxe brand Fashion Island took place for and the girls were finally able to display their assets. The jury naturally included the director of Miss, Taťana Makaranko, model Iveta Vítová, Man of the Year Matyáš Hložek and other celebrities, who meticulously examined the individual girls.

“I watch to see how they express themselves, how they speak and how they act in public, which is very important in a contest like this. And of course they have to look good,” Man of the Year Matyáš Hložek revealed.

Twenty of the most beautiful girls competed for places in the final

The next day the TOP twenty gathered again to compete for a place in the finals, during which an interview about modelling, the girl’s personality and of course her figure in a swimsuit were the most important criteria. Each girl had her own strong points and it was difficult for the members of the jury to choose just ten of them, but they finally managed it.

The following stunners made it into the final ten:

Miroslava Pikolová (23), Liana Vasilišinová (21), Kateřina Zálišová (17), Natálie Kontová (19), Denisa Spergerová (17), Nikol Zimlová (21), Nicolle Vymětalová (22), Hana Vágnerová (24), Mariia Boichenko (22) a Denisa Czervoniaková (18). 

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Training camp, instruction and workouts for the perfect figure

All the finalists can now expect another training camp, this Saturday from 19 – 21 May. They can look forward to a makeover at the Bomtom hairdressing salon, where experts will style their hair, they will try on deluxe gowns by fashion designer Natali Ruden and have their profile photographs taken by excellent photographer Nikola Bílková. They certainly have a lot to look forward to, because they can expect plenty of pleasant experiences.

After the weekend, the girls will be instructed in social etiquette and the social networks and will have their first fitness class. Working out will now be very important for them, because they need to get their bodies into the best shape possible by autumn.

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