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A boring office worker? No way!

Minister Schiller likes to “go wild” even after the age of fifty: She won't say no to a tank ride, shooting range or a parachute jump!

07.Nov 2019
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Ministryně financí Alena Schillerová vyzkoušela jízdu v tanku

The Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová doesn't scare easily, as proven not only by her Instagram photos. We're not talking about her political or business adversaries now, but about adrenaline experiences. Surprisingly, at the age of 55, she rushes into adventures that even representatives of a younger generation might be afraid of.

Sometimes, her energy and readiness to jump headfirst into any adventure even makes the hair of the tireless Prime Minister Andrej Babiš stand on end. There seems to be nothing the chief of the state treasury in his government wouldn't give a shot. She had recently ridden in a tank, fired a machine gun, or flown over the sea on a parachute. And now she is about to try flying in a wind tunnel because she got a voucher as a gift from her security guard.

However, sometimes there are consequences to those adventures, as Schiller herself admits. "I went shooting for the second time, I'd tried it already as Deputy Minister of Finance, because we have the Customs under us. And now the police president invited me to try. I still feel my collarbone from those machine guns", she said in a recent interview for

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A very enthusiastic Minister

Watching TV shows doesn't interest Schiller at all. And as she admitted in the interview, besides boring men, she hates boredom in general. She prefers to go skiing, take tai-chi lessons (although she's been neglecting it a little lately) or go karting with her grandson. And when worse comes to worst, she doesn't mind accepting an offer from the firefighters and allows them to lift her up on a platform. "I might not be able to remember everything now, but I don't say no to new things. Andrej Babiš always tells me: You are so enthusiastic!" the Minister mentioned in the interview.

It was only in recent years that she began to explore new adrenaline experiences. As she says, her husband wanted her to wait for their children to grow up. So let's see what else she will surprise us with!

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