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Man and woman – two eternally attracting opposites, two halves which make up a whole, the symbol of the perfection of creation. Counterparts and harmony at the same time, all of this fantastically expressed using glass and steel – these are luxury chandeliers by Rony Plesl.

Mercury and Venus shining not only in the sky

Jana Vápeníková
04.Oct 2016
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Lustr Merkur, designér Rony Plesl

This work of art by the creative artist and designer Rony Plesl, two chandeliers with the characteristic names Mercury and Venus, pays homage to the Czech chandelier industry and also honours the archetype of man and woman, all of this in Maria Theresa robes. It was precisely those iconic chandeliers from the time of Maria Theresa which were the main inspiration for creation of both ceiling-mounted light fittings for the Czech glassmaking company Preciosa Lighting. Their concept also builds on the historical tradition of this brand. The symbolism hidden in the material used, the colours, the shapes and the names themselves are extremely telling.  

Masculine Mercury

The designer has preserved the basic silhouette of the Maria Theresa chandelier, but its concept is completely modern. The past is perfectly linked with the present here. In the case of Mercury, inspiration by the male form is evident: broad shoulders radiating vigour and confidence are in perfect harmony with the material used – painted steel. This is why you won’t find even a sliver of fragile glass in the construction. This chandelier weighing 110 kilogrammes is made of solid metal only. But forget any thoughts of inflexibility: thanks to the variable construction, the object can create a vertical or horizontal silhouette and thus change shape according to the requirements of the given space or your taste.

Fragile Venus

When you look at this rounded, Venusian light, a beautiful room will spread out before your eyes during the ball season in full swing. Women in beautiful dresses … And maybe Empress Maria Theresa herself… Have a look at the details of Venus – is she not reminiscent to you of luxury Baroque lace work or embroidery on a royal gown?

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

Venus is a sign of beauty, pleasure and harmony. She is a woman. Sensual, mysterious, graceful and fragile. And this is precisely what Plesl’s Venus is like.

The material used – blown white glass and fragile decorations from opal glass – is a provocative contrast to the cold metal, rigid and clear steel of Mercury. Neither of these two works of art is a mere fad. Emphasis is placed above all on the craftsmanship and inimitable “face” of both pieces.

The perfect light

Thanks to their dimensions, (Mercury 174 × 107 cm and Venus 150 × 190 cm) both chandeliers will become a dominant feature in any room. Mercury will excel to its utmost in industrial space, in bars, in lofts, but also in historical buildings – ones which are however able to combine original and modern features. Venus is perfect not only for spectacular historical residences, but also for minimalist modern spaces.

Luxury chandeliers by Preciosa Lighting are sold to the most luxurious places the world over. Plesl’s Venus for example excels in the entrance hall of the luxury Hotel Tritone Therme in Italy.


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