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Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week: Shows, which you‘ll be dying to see!

Eva Ledecká
23.Feb 2019
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The Prague Fashion Week will take place from 22. - 29.3. Are you excited? We have information about attractive venues and shows, that’ll be definitely worth a look!

Fashion Temple will once again take place in Kotva, where it was last held in the year 2017.

Some designers, however, are as usual choosing other special locations for the presenting of their collections. The designer Zuzana Kubíčková after previously choosing the Internation hotel, and Rudolfinum opted for the luxury presidential apartment hotel Four Seasons Prague, where she will exhibit her new line of outfits of her brand Pop, introduced last year. The show of timeless outfits will take place on 26.3, and entrance is granted by special invitation only.

Jan Černý chose the experimental, industrial space DUP39 for the presenting of his collection.

‚The unconventional, industrial appearance and atmosphere which finds its character somewhere between a run-down theatre and an underground atomic shelter had such an impression on me during my visit, that I was absolutely sure that this location was the right one for my show’ says Jan Černý.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

As was the case last year, the show will be accessible to the wider public, and you can look forward to attend on the 23. March.

The Lobkowicz palace in the area of the Prague castle will also breathe fashion, the designer Petra Balvínová will present her designs there.

The popular designer Lukáš Macháček returns and will hold his fashion show at the Hauch Gallery in Karlín.

Despite being known for his street fashion, his current collection will be defined by luxury and elegant style.

‘I also want it to speak to various age groups and customers of various body types’ says the designer.

It will be presented as part of the accompanying program on the 27. March, and a cocktail party is to follow.

This year, the Prague Fashion Week combines fashion and technology.

The designers Iva Burkertová, Žil Vostalová and artist Kryštof Brůha will present a hi-tech collection, which was created as part of the project #jetovtobě (it’s in you) from Vodafone. ‘The collection of the future’ is called Audire Fluctus and will take place on 24.3 in the storage garage of the shopping mall Kotva.

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