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The luxury “Arrow460-Granturismo” motor yacht that has been designed in the style of the Mercedes-Benz is embarking on its maiden voyage off the coast of Nice. “Mercedes” is the name that was given to the first new model of this motor yacht. Faithful to the tradition of its name it has come up with an entirely new concept of a boat.

The Mercedes-Benz Motor Yacht: The Silver Arrow of the Sea

Eva Ledecká
16.Dec 2016
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The Silver Arrow of the Sea: Arrow460-Granturismo

The yacht measures 14 metres in length and it combines the performance of a Mercedes-Benz sports car with some of the shipbuilding industry’s unique innovations.

The yacht was developed in association with the Silver Arrows Marine Company and it has the classic proportions of a Mercedes-Benz car “stamped”' with its brand. It excels in its purity, its elegance and its dynamic design. It also combines the advantages of an open boat with those of an enclosed cabin in a unique manner.

The Silver Arrow of the Sea: Arrow460-Granturismo
The Silver Arrow of the Sea: Arrow460-Granturismo
The Silver Arrow of the Sea: Arrow460-Granturismo

Jachta byla vyvinuta společně s firmou Silver Arrows Marine a má klasické automobilové proporce „orazítkované“ značkou Mercedes-Benz. Vyniká čistotou, elegancí a dynamickým provedením. Spojuje v sobě výhody otevřeného člunu s uzavřenou kabinou a to opravdu jedinečným způsobem.

Innovative design

The panoramic side windows are retractable and the windshield can be increased. This means that the passengers can sit comfortably inside while at the same time enjoyably looking out on all sides. They will have the feeling of sitting beneath the wide-open sky. The luxurious interior is decorated with eucalyptus wood of a perfect design.

The luxury “Arrow460-Granturismo” motor yacht can accommodate up to 10 people and the manner of its design ensures its maximum versatility. Based on these factors the yacht is equally suitable for short trips or for overnight stays.

Loft s výhledem na Prahu 445m
Loft s výhledem na Prahu 445m, Praha 5

Modern luxury beyond that of the automotive industry

“When developing this new motor yacht, we transferred our know-how to the shipbuilding industry and we created something that has never been seen in production till now. The Silver Arrow of the Sea is the name that was chosen to describe its modern luxury, its avant-garde style and its comfortable elegance. The yacht combines the progressive and dynamic philosophy of Mercedes-Benz design with sensual clarity on the water,” is how Gorden Wagener, the Vice President of Design Daimler AG describes it. Based on its long nose, its arched roofline and gently sloping rear area the yacht has attained truly classic car dimensions.

The modern luxury of the Mercedes-Benz brand is also extremely visible and is also renowned far beyond the automotive world. Since 2010, Mercedes-Benz’s designers have been collaborating with selected partners and developing exclusive products related to different kinds of lifestyles, which help them to achieve a high standard of quality together with an unmistakable design profile.

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