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They've hurt the Queen by their departure

Meghan Markle's father speaks out: I'm embarrassed by her and Harry's behavior!

Nela Štefanová
29.Jan 2020
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We don't choose our relatives, and even if certain family members might sometimes seem unscurpulous, the general rule is that a family sticks together. Sometimes, however, it's difficult to put this statement into practise and there's no other option than to cut off your brother, sister, mother or father. Just like Meghan Markle, soon a former member of the royal family, did. Since the day when her father, seventy-five-year-old Thomas Markle, failed to show up at her pompous and worldwide watched wedding, she shut the door behind him. Or at least she thought so.

The affronted father Thomas appeared on the British television show "Good morning Britain" a few days ago and gave a loud statement about his daughter's departure from the royal family, warts and all, not forgetting to mention Prince Harry. Finally, as a cherry on the cake, he also gave the couple a pretty rough ultimatum.

Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, and his wife Meghan shocked the world by publishing information through social networks about their plan to abandon their royal duties and start living a "normal life". However, the former actress Meghan hasn't received much support from the side of her parents.

"I think they've hurt the Queen and the other royals with their decision. I'm embarrassed about it myself and I feel sorry for the Queen. It doesn't make sense to me and I'm ashamed of it, ”

Thomas Markle, Meghan's father who lives in Mexico, commented on British television.

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He also mentioned in the interview that he wished to see his grandson Archie, and that he'd like to finally meet his son-in-law Harry and talk to him, as he hadn't had the honor yet.

"Be a man and meet me. Let's talk face to face,"

that was the public message he sent to Prince Harry. Thomas also claimed on television that his daughter had never been a target of racist attacks because of her origin, as some media say.

I just miss my daughter!

However, this public interview was not Thomas's first, and it seems it won't be the last one either. In fact, the aggrieved dad has provided dozens of interviews in the past, more often than not criticizing his daughter. He seems to believe it was the only way for him to communicate with her.

Meghan made no public comment on his behavior and sent him a private letter asking him to leave her family alone. Her effort proved to be futile. Thomas provided her correspondence to foreign tabloids, and a the letter that had been originally intended only for his eyes had flown around the world. Meghan sued the tabloid for its publication, and so it seems she will meet her father soon. It's not going to be over coffee or cake though, but in the courtroom. At this point, any other father would probably realize and acknowledge that he'd gone a bit too far, but Thomas is glowing with enthusiasm.

"Regarding the court proceedings, I'm very happy to finally see my daughter and meet her. I love her very much and I miss her,"

said Thomas in an interview.

To conclude the interview, he expressed his hope that his daughter would now finally get in touch with him, so that they could have a civil conversation. He threatened that if that didn't happen within the next thirty days, he would give the media another, even spicier interview, and seeing as Meghan is certainly not going to cave easily, we have a huge drama to look forward to.

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