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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are currently residing in their home in Vancouver.

Meghan and Harry sent a message to their fans from self isolation! They are waiting for their answers...

Nela Štefanová
23.Mar 2020
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Meghan a Harry

The times we live in are trying. The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection is currently increasing not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries, and so it is often difficult not to lose hope and fall into panic. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle know it all too well. Although the famous couple lost quite a lot of fans and supporters after leaving the royal family, they decided to send a message full of understanding, support and practical advice to the world through their Instagram account.

"With everything going on, it’s a lot to take in. Many of us may feel confused. Or alone, or anxious or scared... and in isolation, some of us may just feel bored, or that you don’t know what to do with yourself without your normal routine. It’s perfectly normal to be feeling any of these things,"

the famous couple commented on a turquoise picture that says, "Today I feel...", leaving room for the sentence to be finished.

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Meghan a Harry
Meghan a HarrySource: Profimedia

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

It seems that the couple felt the need to share with the world the importance of mental health in particular, and so they primarily appealed to poeple not to get overwhelmed by negative emotions during the pandemic crisis.

"Our emotional well-being is challenged everyday whether we realise it or not, but our lives are usually filled with distractions. Now with constantly changing COVID coverage, we are all adjusting to this new normal and the feelings that come with it."

wrote the couple.

Helping others as a form of therapy

They also added a few brief and factual points on how to keep oneself busy during the quarantine. They didn't forget to remind others, for example, of the importance of solidarity and offering help to people who find themselves in need because of the pandemic. In addition, they published a list of several volunteer organizations that would welcome new members and stressed that if someone is bored, they can use this period to offer their support.

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Meghan a Harry
Meghan a HarrySource: Profimedia

"And for those of you who don’t feel comfortable texting with a stranger, reach out to your friends, family and colleagues. Phone calls and video conferencing are such a great way to feel more connected - ask if they’re okay, tell them how you’re (actually) feeling, and use this time to really listen for the answer,"

they encouraged their fans.

This post received very positive feedback from fans and other celebrities alike. Well-known tennis player Serena Williams, Meghan's friend, finished the sentence "Today I feel..." with the word "Scared."

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Serena Williams
Serena WilliamsSource: Profimedia

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